Thursday, October 9, 2008

Replica "The Last Samurai" Katana

My New Haul! Replica "The Last Samurai" katana finally fall into my hand. Haha. As you can see, the package is specially courier to office by Post Laju. Thanks to my friend, cj who help me to order such a wonderful katana.

Here we are, finally move back to my room. And is time for unpacking process.

Tadaa! Weapon comes with Tag and wood stand. Too bad they don't provide Choji Oil which is to prevent the katana from getting rust. Ignore the pig leg in the photo.

Here's some details:

Name: The Last Samurai Sword of Chu, Yu, Gi Katana
Material: Engraved 440 stainless steel (rustless high end steel)
Acture Size: 41 INCH , Blade : 26 INCH , Handle : 11.5 INCH
Weight: Unknown

忠 ,勇, 義

As written on the wood. 武士道 - Bushidou

Emaki, Menuki and Same Kawa

Tsuba, Same Kawa + Menuki

Display with Sword Sheath

Display without Sword Sheath


Kissaki, Yokote and Hamon

Ha, Hira, Tsuba and Same Kawa

Overall, this is just a superb Masterpiece for me. Great!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello Crab Island

Here we are for another sudden event! As you can see, we are heading to Klang right now. But what the heck we going to Klang?

Here's the answer, we are almost reach our destination: Pulau Ketam!... just to eat Crab and Seafood.

After driving for half an hour start from Serdang. Of course, Jeti Pulau Ketam is just right in front of us. We reach there is around 10.30am and fortunately the boat is ready to move. Ticket: RM15 per person during Raya Season. Damn expensive!

On the Jeti, this is how the environment looks like. Stink + Dirty River and Fisherman Village, no Internet, no LifeStyle. I wonder how they spend their time there. But it give me a simple and free feeling. No car, less motor, no stress...

Snap on the middle of river...

Strong wind blow of my hair. Luckily I don't apply any hair gel, or else become more messy.

Some one comment that we looks like 3 chinaman crossing to New Island.

When we just arrive, this is the first landmark appear in your sight.

Oh yeah, Welcome to Pulau Ketam. Straight away we get some advise from local which restaurant is the best.

Hence, we ended up at Restaurant Kia Hong Haun. From my opinion, the food here is quite nice especially their fish. Is incredibly sweet and fresh. Of course as well as their crab is fresh too. However too bad for their prawn.

After the battle, still have some left over food.

I guess this is their main street. full of people and restaurant. May be one of the reason is Raya Season. A lot of tourist and visitor.

Pulau Ketam temple. Sorry I don't know chinese... Too bad...

Look carefully with your eye zoom x16, then you will be able to see a tiny crab all along the mud.

Bicycle Rangers, Exploring Pulau Ketam.. And from what I've observed, Pulau Ketam only have one Bank, Maybank and one ATM machine. For secure, please bring more cash. There's is no other activity in Pulau Ketam other than eat.. So if you plan to come, make sure your objective is to eat and not to play.

Well, happy holiday~