Friday, December 11, 2009

Dine at DELIcious

The word DELIcious is not that delicious. Oh I mean the food, but their environment is superb romantic. Suitable for couple like us to go. Hehe. This cafe is located at Jalan Tun Razak which is a new branches.

The allow reservation :) So better hurry up and book the table if you plan to give your girlfriend any surprise especially on White Christmas or Valentine. Else it will just end up disappointed.

Pan-Seared Cod: The sauce is refreshing, Cod is soft but not fresh. Overall I think is acceptable but not outstanding.

Chargrilled Lamb cutlets with SalsaVerde Medium Cook: The meat is very elastic. It make me feel like eating rubber. I guess Medium cook is not a wise decision. Unless the chef is professional. Else don't ever think of take Medium cook!

Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova: Finally there's an item which sweet our heart. Strawberry, Chocolate chip, Whipped Cream + Sugar comb is such a perfect combination. You can taste every flavour that dip into your mouth. Until now it still make my mouth watery :)

Unfortunately our stomach is limited. Only the Main Dish fill our space. I bet I will visit other branch to taste their next dishes.

Dua Annexe
Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03-2166 2066
(Pork Free. Open from 10am to 11pm)

P/S: The above comment is entirely just an individual thought.

Esprit Bag

Yeah! This year received my X'mas present earlier as again this year we might not able to celebrate X'mas on actual day :(

I always wanted to have this kind of bag. I'm very happy to have this present but at the same time I feeling bad too cause Kanojo sure spend a lot on this bag. Really thanks a lot for the present. I will fully utilize this bag for sure :)