Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coffee Club

This is the first time went to Coffee Club, the impression was quite bad as their air-con was having problem and it's freaking hot outside. Fortunately there's a seat that near to the cooling fan, so for a second thought I had to sit down and tried their coffee.

The choices are a lot and is very hard to pick one of it. Hence I have my eye close and randomly choose one.

Banana Butterscotch Latte was the one that picked.
Banana Butterscotch Latte

The layering was so beautifully blended. Really wish to drink it as it is as I do not wish to stir it even.
Putting that aside, I feel it too sweet for me. The taste of the banana sweet overlap the taste of coffee. 

Basically this is just a cup of Banana flavored milk. Nothing else.