Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Blast Off

Blast Off, The Egotistical, also the Right Arm combiner of Mighty Bruticus.

Blast Off Pose 5

He is less my favor and not too posable due to the arm structure that block a lot of possible articulation.

Blast Off Pose 6

He himself is quite full loaded with weapon such as missile launcher, winged blade, and cannon pistol which detachable.

Blast Off Pose 4
Blast Off Pose 3
Blast Off Pose 2
Blast Off Pose 1

The missile launcher got some weight on it which cause the pose even harder as the elbow hinge not tight.

However, Blast Off in Rocket mode look cool. The transformation itself look neat.
Blast Off Rocket Mode 4
Blast Off Rocket Mode 5
Blast Off Rocket Mode 3
Blast Off Rocket Mode 2
Blast Off Rocket Mode 1

Fully pack and concealed.

Blast Off combiner Mode
Blast Off Combiner Mode 4
Blast Off Combiner Mode 3
Blast Off Combiner Mode 2
Blast Off Combiner Mode 1