Saturday, January 30, 2010

CFW 5.50 GEN-D3. I upgrade again

Yes, I upgrade my psp firmware again... for 2nd time. What is the reason? The reason is that my 5.50 GEN-B firmware is not able to open Kingdom Heart Sleep by Birth :(

This is the latest game from Square-Enix which required OFW 6.20. Since you unable to open the game, what will you do. I straightaway go find my friend named Google. After a few search, even with the latest CFW 5.50 GEN-D3 the game was unable to open due to the security block inside the ISO file :(

Well, for those who still want to upgrade to 5.50 GEN-D3. There's one big advantage using this CFW whereby you do not need to decrypt your ISO anymore in order to load the game which require OFW 5.50 - 6.00. Hooray!

Follow the tutorial on this video below (Download link provided by the user)

Dragon Quest VI Is HERE!

Dragon Quest VI

After a long awaiting, finally Dragon Quest VI release sharp on 28.01.2010. At the same time, the rom file of DQ6 is scattering around internet. As for me, of course I'm also the one who waiting for the rom file to be downloaded.

As i'm playing with DQ9 now, DQ6 need to be start later on may be after a few completion of Tales of ... series. Thanks to all the guys who upload the files. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

NDS Emulator

Back then I still angry why have so much of my favourite game release on Wii, NDS, XBOX but not on PSP. Today, I've to pull back those word. With the NDS Emulator on hand. Now I'm able to play:

Dragon Quest XI

Tales of Tempest

Tales of Innocence

Tales of Hearts

Yup, now I started to play Dragon Quest XI. Hehe. Coming next Thursday (2010.01.28), Dragon Quest VI Remake will release on NDS as well. Definately going to play it for sure! Shit I'm too happy with the release of Dragon Quest VI on NDS now. Hopefully the ROM can be download on the same date as well.

OMG OMG OMFG! With so much game in queue, how I'm going to finish it! I guess I will be start busy playing RPG again. Oh Yeah~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Year New Layout - DSLR Freak! - Extended

What to do when you have a lot of time, a lot of idea and a lot of lens. Of course Photoshop la. Because of this, my blog layout come with an extended version which I've added one new feature.

New Feature:
- Three random header image loaded whenever you refresh or visit my blog.

Yes, the main key it eliminate boredom by looking at the same header again and again and again. I'm kinda lazy to create random footer image for it as you know la, most people tend to read the latest entry only. Where got people so hardworking purposely drag down the blog just to see the footer image one right? That's why lo. Just ignore random footer. I'll (hopefully) when I'm start to feel boring with the static footer.

Anyway, proudly present 3 images that I created for my blog header.

Header #1: A300 and SAL70300G (Tele Lens)

Header #2 (New): A300 and SAL1680CZ (Zoom Lens)

Header #3 (New): A300 and SAL70200G (White Angel Lens)

All together, this is the perfect header image I ever create :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Post Processing?

Read through one of my friends blog, Aaron Chin discussing something about post processing (PP). So I wonder if I can discuss about this issue as well via my blog :)

Post processing, or mostly known as PP in short form. So the question is why do we need post processing? I'm not sure about other but for me, it is a technique to tune out the color and match the feel. No matter how good you are in photoshooting, it is impossible for you to capture the color that is not present in reality. Let the photo do the talks.

For example:

Original JPEG

PP-ed JPEG (Color Balance and Photo Filter used)

As you can see, the original JPEG is just a normal and plain photo or may be it is just good enough. Now, look at the result after PP-ed. Don't you think more feel is coming out from the photo itself? Telling you as if there's a hidden feeling along the road.

PP is a technique/tool to make your photo even more nicer and comfortable. It's totally not related to how good you are in photoshooting or how experience you are. Frankly, I never see any professional photographer that posted their photos are without post processing especially on wedding. There's no rules of thumb on how you're going to tune your photo. Remember, photo is all about depth of feel. If you think the color suit you, just save it and post it.

I'm still a noob. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Year New Layout - DSLR Freak!

DSLR, is getting more and more cheaper. At the same time, is getting more and more people own DSLR until it become so common. For me, I have Sony Alpha A300 but not SAL70300G. Yeah if you ask me, yes SAL70300G is my dream lens and sure will own it one day. Absolutely not now.

Hence for this new template, I've created base on the DSLR trend. Together with my dream lens for Header, I also included SAL50F14 Prime lens on the Footer which one of my favourite lens. Of course, attached few of my own favourite shot as well :)

What new on this template?
- No more lame border!
- No more boring vector and abstract brush!
- Expanded Header and Footer
- New Widget Header
- New Title Font

Hope you like it :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice and Snow

Chinese New Year coming and eventually the weather will turn extremely hot now. At this time, sure you need some drink to cool you down.

If you have chance to visit Teluk Intan, remember to stop by this stall and order ABC or cendol to cool down your body temperature :)

No. 1 Lo Han Kuo


Coco crunch ABC

There're still a lot of variety of ABC which will suit your choice. Just take your time and have a good chat with your friend :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sibling of Old Town?

Boring of Old Town? Why not try George Town instead?

Now available at The Store@Teluk Intan. Grand opening on 10th January 2010.

Please let me know how it taste like if you already try it :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taman Wetland, BANNED!

Don't ever come to this place. This place is such a freak where the guard will call you to register in front of counter but when you register in the counter, they will charge you RM100 per hour for photography around this area.

Indeed Wetland have a nice nature and scenery around this area. But there's no such a signboard stated this area is chargeable and not a open area. Screw me!

Say bye bye to the guard, FUCK this Wetland! Warning to all photographer, NEVER EVER step into this place. Well, unless you wealthy enough to pay.

View Larger Map

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sushi Groove = Tokyo G

Tokyo G, previously known as Sushi Groove with all the mark groovy if the selected sushi is nice. I'm not sure why they name it Tokyo G, but anyway their food still good as before.

Ginger and wasabi, anyone?

Hot Green Tea. As usual, everytime visit japanese restaurant sure will order green tea as a beverage.

Flying Fish Roll (RM12.90)

Ziggy Roll (RM12.90) - Groovy!

Mayonnaise Dream Roll (RM10.90) - Groovy!

Terryaki Chicken Roll (RM8.90)

Tokyo G - Carbonara (RM12.90)

Beef Teriyaki Soba (RM16.90)

Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab (RM16.90) - Groovy!

Well, I would highly recommend this Japanese restaurant as the food is great and have a lot of choices. In Malaysia, they only have 2 branches which is on 1Utama and Sunway Pyramid. So what are you waiting for? Let go for a groovy!

P/S: The groovy means recommended and it's only base on my personal taste. It may vary for every different individual.

1Utama Branch
G342 & 343,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel. No: 03 7725 3733

Sunway Branch
ob3-lg-1b, sunway pyramid
(new wing, next to chego korean bbq)

Tel. No:
03 5622 1343

Sushi Groove Official Website

Monday, January 4, 2010


NO!!! This is definitely not me~!


Nissan FairLady 370 Z

Nissan FairLady 370 Z... Everyone dream car, everyone favourite car and everyone sport car. But look at the price tag. I was like... WTF. How I'm going to pay the installment for this car every month? Nett price roughly RM350K.

From the figure. I can owe myself a house. Or even 3 Honda Civic + 1 Proton Saga I guess. But why there're still people own this car. My photo will answer the question.

Warning! Below photos do contain strong poison :)

So, when is your turn to get a real one? :)

Please go to my flickr to view a higher quality :)