Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Macau, Macau Peninsula and Taipa Departure Day 8

Today will be the last for our trip. So we gonna enjoy it till the end! Wake up around 9am and start to pack our luggage. After that we proceed to the counter and check out. They have a service to keep our luggage safe. Hence, you can spend your time without worry.

Wong Kun Restaurant
No 310A, Rua do Campo
Business Hours : 7:00am to 12:00
Telephone: +853 372248
Famous for their Crab Congee

This Crab congee taste is so nice. But is a bit hard to eat as you need to use your both hand to handle the crab.

Next we walk to Jardim Da Flora and it takes around 10-15minutes to reach. From there, you can take a short cable car ride (90 seconds ride) to the guia hill. When you reach the point, you still need to walk about 15minutes to reach Guia Lighthouse! It is not easy to reach the top. Damn sweat a lot while walking.

Done with the lighthouse then we proceed to Dr Sun Yat San Memorial House. He is one of the famous icon for Macau people and his story is very remarkable. Google yourself if you want to know more about him.

Continue with our walk to Kun Lam Temple. Pray for safe journey and thanks for the good weather.

Oh my god! Not again another hill. Now we reach to Mong-Ha hill and what you can see is just one another damn god cannon! If your stamina is good enough, continue to climb 60 degree road to reach Mong-Ha Ruin.

Back to Senado Square, no more hill for now as our leg is getting more and more pain!

Before heading back to our hotel, we found a very nice church nearby. It is worst to visit this St Dominic Church.

Once we done with the shopping and photoshooting. Is time to move to another side of Macau, Taipa. From Royal Hotel, they have a shuttle bus service that will bring you to Venetian Hotel or City of Dream. But the schedule is only available on 11am and 5pm.

Same for Venetian Hotel , they also have a luggage storage service for customer. So keep them safe and enjoy your walk inside this beautiful palace.

Too bad the time too short for us in Venetian. There are still a lot of place we yet to visit inside Venetian like Replica City of venetian and the gondola ride. :(
Because on 7pm onward, we need to reach Macau Airport. Thanks to Airasia too for delying the flight from 7.50pm to 9pm. If not, I think our day will be more rush for sure.

Finally, our 8D7N trip ended. Good Bye Macau~
What's next? Stay tune for our next travel log. It won't be so soon. :)

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Macau, Macau Peninsula Day 7

Today will be my last day staying at Mongkok. On the next two days onward we will move to Macau~ So before go to Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour, we need to fill up our stomach with a delicious and fine Dim Sum first.

Tao Heung Super 88
Shop B, 3/F, Grand Tower,
639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Is hard to judge which one is nicer between Tao Heung Super 88 and Chao Inn. Both of them have their specialty on Dim Sum. But Hong Kong Dim Sum is really superb delicious. So you no need to worry on their food quality. After finish our breakfast, is time to say goodbye to Hong Kong and move to Macau. To reach Macau, go to Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour and find First World Ferry. The ticket is going to cost HKD133.

On Macau, we accommodate at Royal Hotel. They have a shuttle bus from Macau Harbour to the Hotel. Every hotel do have their own shuttle bus as well. So you no need to worry on how to get there once you reach harbour.

Other than that, the location is quite convenience as well. Walking distance to St Paul Ruin take less than 10minutes.

This place is always full with foreign visitors busy capturing photo. The town is always full with people. Over there, you can find a very nice Portuguese Tart.

Must try!

Just next to St Paul Ruin is Monte Fort.

After Monte Fort, we walk to Casino Lisbao.

Then proceed to Kun Lam Statue and it takes around 30minutes walking distance. Damn! My leg full of pain!

Added another 10minutes to reach Sand Hotel.

Just opposite to Sand, you can reach Lotus Flower with Full Bloom statue.

At last, we reach Macau Fisherman's Wharf for a visit before we back to Macau Harbour... Can you imagine how we walk from hotel back to macau harbour. My leg feel pain when I flash back to the moment we walk. Terribly insane..

This photo is taken near the harbour. That bridge is link to Taipa.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hong Kong, Tai O and CityGate Outlet Day 6

I think most of the people familiar with Tai O as you can find it easily inside TVB drama like 大澳的天空. This place is a well known fisherman village and they produce a lot of salted and dry seafood.

As you can see, salted fish is one of their local specialty food.

During our research on Tai O, we found out that they do not have any famous food instead they sell a lot of nice pastry.

Tada~ in Tai O you can get a very nice Homemade Tau Fu Fa.

Their Tau Fu Fa is very silky and smooth.

In Tai O, you can spot a lot of Chinese Temple as well.

Well, I think most of the people will have the though that fisherman village is dirty and smelly. Unlike Pulau Ketam, Tai O is a very very clean City. You can see alot of public dust bin everywhere. They even have the dust bin specially made to keep clean from dog waste product. What impress me more is they even have a special spot specially design for their dog to shit on as you can see on the photo above. Geng!

Tai O life is more relaxing unlike Kowloon. At here you can feel it very peaceful and silent. There is no rush in their life.

Another nice pastry that you must try.

Inside contains a lot of Peanuts.

Or you may prefer to have White Peas.

Lo Mai Chi! My favourite childhood food.

The size is more bigger compare to Malaysia and it is full with peanuts + thin skin. Very yummy~
We spent almost 2 hour here and is time to leave.

Is Day 6 already and we yet to have chance to shopping. Hence we decide to step into CityGate Outlets for a kill!

And this is what we got. :)

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