Monday, June 30, 2008


Today will be the last day for Shell IT. Start from tomorrow onward, we will be officially become as part of the EDS Cooperation team members. Hence, I took some of the photo of Shell building for my own memorial as I'm really proud to work as part of Shell IT. But sadly, I'm only able to declare myself as part of Shell member not more than 1 1/2 year. However during this period in Shell IT, it really give me alot of wonderful memory that I had spent with my team colleague.

Hereby, I have created a photo which consist of all the event that we spent together.

GI-NG AppCompat team, Shell IT International:

Because of this, start from now on I will only pump Shell petrol and no for the other. Haha

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Skipped Annual Dinner

Finally, I have made up my mind not to attend the very last of this Shell Annual Dinner Event. To make this decision, I feel no regret at all. So, where and what I'm doing for the whole day?

Yeah, Me and Kanojo is going 1Utama for a great shopping experience! We reach there around 12pm thus straight away we go to find some nice restaurant to have our breakfast/lunch? At the end, we spot a nice restaurant that we not visit before.

Is Nippon Yatamura

The environment/decoration is not bad as you can on this photo.

And this is the menu front cover.

There's alot of choices and variety to choose. That's why we waste alot of time suffering which menu should we pick.
As the result, this is what we have for our lunch.

Unagi Kabayaki Set

Saba Shioyaki Bento

Ebiko Inari and Salmon Maki

Soft Shell Crab Temaki.

Of course, here we start the our lunch. Itadakimasu!

Same as for Kanojo.

Look at this Ebiko Inari. The Ebiko is sure alot inside.

After finish our delicious lunch, is time for shopping now. Along the observasation, here I found a nice shirt for myself from G2000. Actually I do not plan to bought any clothes but since I found 1 then just go ahead. Other than G2000, we also visit Esprit and Padini Concept Store to grab some nice stuff. Unfortunately we only have limited time span for shopping thus we can't get as much as we can.

However before we leave 1U, we have a rest at Starbucks together with 2 order.

Javachip Frappucino and Dark Mocha Frappucino which is the latest invention by Starbucks.

Although I skipped the dinner, but I really enjoy every minutes and every seconds for the time we together.

After a short while in Starbucks, we leave 1U and go back home.
P/S: Sorry guys that I unable to join you for this last Event organize by Shell IT.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shell Annual Dinner 2008 Coming Soon

Shell Annual Dinner 2008 is drawing near now which will be held on 28th of June, KLCC Convention Center. This should be our last dinner organize by Shell as we already outsource to EDS.

As you can see the dress code for this year is Influences of White. That's mean we need to waste money for the clothes again because I only have White Shirt. Well, what we have done is going to MidValley for a RUN and find some suitable Clothes for the event.

At the end we buy nothing but having a tea time on the delicious delight from ZEN.

Zen Raspberry Cheese Cake, I believe the taste is the same as Secret Recipy.

Zen Creme Brulee, this one nice but a bit sweet. Hope to share this appetizer with Kanojo..

and a Cup of Ice Coffee Latte.

Actually I still consider whether to join the dinner event. As you can see the lucky draw prize is very tempting. But still it depend on your luck whether the prize is really belong to you.
However, my decision always come at the last minutes. Haha

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 3rd Event - Cherating Club Med 2008

Here we come again for 3 days 2 nights in Cherating Club Med. This is the second time we landed on this place which organized by Shell IT, Away Day 2008 programme. The different between this year and last year is that we are driving ourself to the destination. Its really save alot of time. There are total of 3 cars that heading to Cherating.

Drivers: Chin Dy, Wan Zhung and Aida.
As for me, I'm taking Aida's car.

-1st Day in Club Med (Friday)-

Once we arrived, straight away we walk to our accommodation and settle our luggage. For this year arrangement, my roommate is Chin Dy and Chee Wei which stay in Block N.

Is damn far away from the lobby and restaurant. According to the staff, we need to walk around 2km to reach lobby/main area. Luckily the weather is good, hence there a oppurtunity for us to play kayak and sailing. While waiting for the train, there's a Archery field nearby.

So we stop there and try for 1 round. May be the sun is too heat and burn, so no one is going Kayak on that day. Well, I just need to wait until Saturday. Therefore, we going for Beach Volleyball. From what I remember, the last memory I play volleyball in on secondary school. Hope that my skill still there. It's really enjoyable and relaxing day. When exhausted, in front of the volleyball field there's a small hut to stop by for a drinks. Guess what... there's a big breast bikini girl duty as a bartender for that hut.

After drinking two cup of Pina colada, is time to back to the main area as the last train is 5.30pm. After arrive to the main lobby, our next activity is proceed to swimming pool! Well, just try to learn a proper swimming skill but at the end still failed. After this everyone just proceed to back home and take some good hot and warm shower ready for a dinner. As last year we already came before, the foods is not that attractive for me already.

There's a INDIAN Party tonight.

And the following there's a lucky draw awaiting for us. Blasphemy! My name was called and I get Jusco voucher again... I'm not sure is lucky or unlucky. After the lucky over, everyone having their own free time. I drink alot of cocktails (Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Salty Dog, Blue Bombay) and mocktails (Virgin Chichi, my favourite!.... other can't remembered well). We just stay there drinking and chatting until 1am afterward that all for Friday.

-2nd Day in Club Med (Saturday)-

7.30am..... 7.30am I'll have to wake up and is suffer for me. As usual, taking some breakfast and prepare to battlefield on 9am. There is a telematch with consists of 8 groups. Our team, have almost 20 peoples all with high spririts and of course, We win the 1st place.

And the prize is Jusco voucher again...

There's another lucky draw soon after the lunch. I no need to worried already cause I already get it last night. Once the lucky draw finish. Just before depart to the beach, there is a Bamboo dart competition at the Lobby and I won the 3rd place with a damn good luck. Haha.

Yeah, is time to the beach again and this time definately I will try to kayak and sailing to the sea! Holy Cow, The sailing is fully booked. Haiz. no choice but fortunately still can Kayak.

Roll Out!

Kayak around, playing some Volleyball again, messing around with friends, Perfectly we made a Sand Mermaid... although is abit ugly but still is a good art work.

The sun is going to sleep again, mean is time for us to get back to lobby... But for me the day is still young so we get into Roller Skate field then to swimming pool.

The event for Saturday is The White Party at beach followed by Lucky Draw again. Everyone is enjoying themself dancing around. Here I take a photo with a Japanese Girl name Misa. Hi, nice to meet you.

They just dancing, lucky draw, dancing and lucky draw only then is all for tonight.

-3rd Day in Club Med (Sunday)-

Is time to check out and say good bye. We check out at 10am and go to buy some gift for sweetheart while waiting for the last lunch time.

Guess what inside? Hehe.

Just before leave Club Med. Here I take another photo with a Taiwanese Girl name Eva. Hi, nice to meet you.

Once finish our meal, is time to depart and we reach home for around 5pm. When think about MOnday is drawing near. Haiz... Boring...

P.S: Special thanks to all my friend who help me to take all these wonderful pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Away Day 2008 - Goodies Bag

Surprise! this year we receive a goodies bag which consisted a Bag, T-shirt and One ipod Shuffle. Although the item is little, but the item is more worth compare to last year. Even the ipod Shuffle itself already costly.

Here's the photo. iPod Shuffle 1GB, Silver with charger and headset. Brand new seal item with Shell logo on top. Its limited Edition ya. Other available color: Blue, Green and Purple.

And here's the T-shirt which represent Club Med. Yeah, this year we going to the same destination as last year again, Cherating, Club Med. Kinda dissappointed at first but never mind, because we are planning to go Kuantan or somewhere else after settle all the things in Club Med.
Travel Bag:
There are 3 colors available for this bag which is navy blue, dark blue and red. What I'm having here is navy blue. This bag will be my travelling bag to Cherating.