Monday, March 31, 2008

Microsoft Surface Expected in 2011

I think most of you guys know how is Microsoft Surface looks like. If you really unsure about it. Press here to know for more details.

Alright, according to Vice President of Microsoft’s Specialized Devices and Applications business, Tom Gibbons. Gibbons says that Microsoft Surface can appear on the market by 2011 and feels that Surface will be affordable in 2-3 years for consumers. Microsoft has gotten 2,000 inquiries, 50 from governments or corporations, 25 stretching across industries and 1 from Lloyd. Haha. Yaya, I'm dreaming now. But really hope to own this cool tablet. Unfortunately, is damn expensive and is approximately $5000 -$10000. Which mean from RM16000-RM32000 per tablet. Haiz. Forget about it.

For more Information: Microsoft Surface Article

Friday, March 28, 2008

Closer to A.I (Artificial Intelligent)?

Damn! this girl really freak me out when I first saw her in the internet. What she did is follow the mouse cursor and randomly smile at me. From the article, some believe this technology comes from Linux/Unix application called "xeyes".

Don't believe in me? Check it out!

Well, maybe still in development. What she can perform now is limited. As you can see in the technology nowadays, nothing is impossible. Hope I can own one too.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New RPG from Square-Enix - Coming Soon (For PSP only)

1. Star Ocean - Second Evaluation
Release Date: 2008.04.02
Genre: RPG

This game is a remake version of PS platform which previously called Star Ocean "The Second Story". About the storyline, it somehow connected to Star Ocean "First Departure" which release on 27th December 2007. So, if you wish to completed the whole story, you are advisable to play with Star Ocean "First Departure" 1st. I should say that I have completed Star Ocean "The Second Story" in PS platform before and what I can say is this is a recommended game. Why? Because the battle system and the ability is impressive. The battle is not like classis RPG instead this game is using sphere (360 degree) battle system. You are free to control your own characters and kill the monsters like hell! Another system that I prefer in this game is the Customization tools. This is an incredible system! You are allow to create any custom equipment with an available materials dropped by monsters or treasures. You can even make your existing sword and armor become super strong and invinsible!

For more information:

2. DISSIDIA Final Fantasy
Release Date: Unknown
Genre: Dramatic Progressive Action

Hmmm... For me, FF game is quite crap because of the storyline is unclear. We as a gamer always wonder what they are trying to express in the story. Even after we completed the whole game, we will still blurring don't know what we are playing and what are the story purpose all about. One word: Messy! Anyhow, I still hope this game will not disappoint me. We will know after the game release.

3. Kingdom Heart - Birth by Sleep

Release Date: Unknown
Genre: RPG

One of the game that cooperated with Walt Disney. Although the graphics for this game is nice, but I didn't play it for once is PS2 platform (Kingdom Heart I and II). Well, what I do is start the game and watch the opening (both opening game song sing by Utada Hikaru), finish then close. Haha. hmmm... I think I will consider to play this game when it release... Hopefully...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Limited Edition, My PSP with Transparent Screen!

After installed with a "Transparent Screen v2.1" Homebrew plus additional hardware that enable Transparent mode. Hence, below is the result of my current PSP!

Haha, cool ya.

Actually there's a bugs on this screen whereby the screen will have a little bit fuzzy and if you notice carefully on the left and bottom border, the color adjustment is having some problem. this is because the hardware is not so stable at this moment. But I think this can be fix on the next batch.

Dammit..... I'm such a "BIG POTENTIAL LIAR". Haha

New Sidebar and Comment Icon Added!

As promise last time, I plan to change the icon for this template Sidebar and Comment. As you can see here, this is the result after I added with a arrow like Vista style. Anyway, I need to build the whole template looks like Windows Vista as to match the theme named "Windows Vista Style" for my blog. I think that all I can do for at this moment. I started to create another template right now and hopefully, I can spare some time for my photoshop and post it up to my blog.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome to New Skin!

Yes, the new skin that created base on "Windows Vista style" which give us an aero glass experience. Well, this skin is 100% created using Adobe Photoshop and I have spent almost a week to complete it (ya I know the progress is slow, i'm just a noob). Anyway, around 15 layers used within this skin. The most difficult part is to create the Windows frame which need to be looks like aero glass effect. A lot of blending style apply to this layer, opacity and gradient adjustment. Apart from this, a couple of "ray of light" need to be created in order to make the windows more realistic. While the inner windows, there's nothing to added here. what I did is simply apply some brushes to make it more stylish, like what I created to Ayumi Hamasaki wallpaper.

After done with the photoshop editing, is time to upload the skin and edit the template by using xml. For me, i'm using an existing template for editing. So this will make our life more easier. Haha. Just becareful with the padding and space will do. If time allow, I will create an icon for this skin too. Depend on my time planning. Anyway, hope you will like this skin. C & C are welcome!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Addicted to Photoshop IV

Hi There, after a few weeks of "Addicted to Photosop III". Here come another piece of wallpaper created by me!The source of this wallpaper is originally taken from Ayumi FanSite which is mainly a D-Dock and D-Snap Advertisement wallpaper.

Hence, I combine both of the wallpaper into One. Actually nothing much to do on this wallpaper. It contains 5 layers only and each layer has been added a blending options. For the rest, I keep on use paintbrush to draw the background and make it more stylish and attractive. While the yellow bar, I make it on gradient-like so that it will give a transparent effect.

Well, that's all for this wallpaper. Enjoy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cruel News Break My Future

Where is my hope of light? It seem like suddenly fade away from my sight...
Please come back to me... where are you? Don't you get scared away by rain and thunder. Without light, there's nothing I can do. This unstoppable rain is blocking my dream, hope, future and journey. Indirectly it make my luck become worst and worst. Go away you useless soul! Don't you ever wondering around me! I want to find back my hope of light!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Infected By Virus named "Bad Habit"!

I think I started to know my own bad habit which I always spell out sensitive information to others. Maybe is because my brain can't able to process and filter the data, so I will accidentally leaked out the information. Although is seem fine to me (as I'm not treat the information as important as they are), that's why I keep on hurting the people beside me. Now I feel myself so useless, guilty and irresponsible. I'm such a reckless guy who can't share story with. But please give me more time, I believe one day I will be able to ease the habit (I can't really remember when I getting this bad habit but the reality now is I get infected.). Please don't say is too late or give up. Believe me... I won't make you disappointed anymore. I would like to say "Sorry for those who get harm by my harsh word before, now and after, please forgive me"

Sincerely by: Lloyd

The Original Manga Competition! I Missed Out!

Sad! Why sad? Because I just missed out a good oppurtunity to fullfil my dream. To become a manga artist, is indeed my first dream ever. But the time I realize the news is already too late. I was about to know this news from "The Star" newspaper yesterday, which is Sunday. It did posting the website for this event, so I went it to check for the entry form but unfortunately, the registration closing date just ended last Saturday. Haiz...Too bad. Tooooo bad...

If I get to know this news early, I think I will submit my creation too. But everything is too late now. Actually I have my own version of manga which I created myself. Overall 4 episodes and it took me 5-6 years to complete the whole story. Well, it takes quite a long journey but I compile this manga with every page and every story with my own hand. Thanks to my kilometrico mechanical pencil which accompany me throughout the journey.. I really hope that one day my manga can publish to public and enjoy my masterpiece.

Anyway. hereby I included my masterpiece which I drawn 2 years ago (I know is quite a long time but this is indeed my latest masterpiece)

Angel vs Devil



Yuki (Guess Who)

What You Desire For Life

Lanoroc (One of the Antagonist in my Manga, which is also the strongest rival face by Coronal (Protagonist))

You can also view this website for more masterpiece:
For more information: Putrajaya Arts Festival

Friday, March 14, 2008

New CPU?

Wanted to upgrade CPU? but not enough capital... Somehow I still survey the prices on to gather all the hardware specification and latest price list.But still frustrated looking on the damn lousy list posted by the various shops owner.

To think about it, what is the spec that will fullfil my needs.
So I spent a few hours to scan through the list and here's what I wish.

Processor - Intel C2D E8200 45nm 2.66GHZ FSB1333 Cache 6MB
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H (Integrated in the NVIDIA® GeForce 7100/nForce 630i chipset... but i wish to have Intel Chipset. Haiz)
Hard disk - Western Digital 500 GB sATA II 16MB (or purchase smaller disk space but for make it 2 hard disk?, haiz... still considering)
RAM - Kingston DDR II 1G 667 (x2) (too bad the motherboard that I select support only up to 2 DDR II slot, how about if next time I wanted to upgrade my RAM to 4GB/8GB?... headache)
Power Supply - ATX Power for AMD & Intel (normal power supply will do)
Casing - Tower Casing (any casing will do as long as acceptable)

DVD Rom - Use back previous hardware
KeyBoard/Mouse - Use back previous hardware
Monitor - Use back previous hardware
Speaker - Use back previous hardware
Graphic Card - Not Necessary (as i'm not a PC gamer)
Sound Card - Not Necessary (as i'm not a boomer)

Well, because of the budget constraint this is only the best hardware that I can aim to purchase. Total accumulation, the price still under my budget.But how do you think? If you are using the hardware mentioned above and you feel not acceptable please let me know!I don't wish to have incompatible issues happen in my machine. Thanks

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Love With Lust

"Quote from article"

For men, lust is a heady experience; the brain goes on hold and red-hot surges of testosterone run the show. Lust -- like love -- is truly blind. This is why, especially at the beginning of a relationship, it can be hard to tell whether you're in lust or love; whether she may be "The One," or merely a passing fancy who'll have your blood boiling for only a short while.

This is because men are perfectly capable of engaging in sex before they forge emotional bonds with a woman -- and those raging hormones can easily disguise themselves as feelings of love. The real danger is that both lust and love can rob a man of his natural strength and defenses -- and then it's all too easy to hand his male power over to a woman for sex-ploitation .

Lust is especially dangerous because it causes a man to think with his crotch and throw all reason and logic to the wind. When a man's in lust he doesn't care if he and his partner have anything in common. He's not interested in where she comes from or where she's going. His brain is only focused on using his key to unlock the door to the secret cave. If his partner's only in lust, she'll use this against him; but if they're both falling in love, this sexuality is a bond.

So i say:

Lust = desire for sex only,
Love = warm heart and good feelings
Lust + Love = the best combination, Excitement and Enjoyment.

Welcome Future Team, Bye-bye Previous Team

Almost 1 year since I join Shell IT and within the year, I've transferring team for 3 times including the latest news from my boss. At first, I join Gi-NG AppCompat Team as a Scripted Engineer (April 2007 - November 2007) . Then I moved to Softgrid Remediation Team as a Softricity Engineer (November 2007 - April 2008). And start from next month, I'll be officially move to Scripting Team which mainly focus on application packaging.

I'm very happy to heard this news because according to boss, I will be converted to a permanent staff but first I need to pass through the accessment (Damn, the assessment is evil to me). Apart from this, this news has prove that I've successfully make a first step into my career and future. Whether I will be able to build my career, this team will be my bowl of rice.

Well, I will completely adapt into a new environment and new team member but still I need to handle Softgrid task from time to time. I understand the situation whereby Softgrid Remediation will only left 3 team member after my absense. That's why I will be continue the task for Softgrid. Actually I'm quite sad to leave the team because they have accompany me throughout the project for so many months. Hence, I would like to take this oppurtunity to say "THANK YOU" to my friends/team member. Wish all the best to you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lloyd Search Engine 1.0 Gadget

Yeah, I have build another gadget for my own convenient purpose. Frankly speaking, recently I'm quite freaking free. That's why I'm spending a lot of time research on the gadget infrastructure and coding. Hence, I come out with a "Lloyd Search Engine" which allows you to search entry within domain only. Haha. Is kinda embarrassing to post such entry. I believe no one will download this gadget, so I ended not to upload this gadget to server. However if you want to get this gadget, send me an e-mail or comment so that I can upload it for you. Like I say, this gadget is created for the purpose of killing my time. As well as study some knowledge on Windows Vista Sidebar gadget.

Just a simple search engine that only allows you to search entry within domain.


But I still hope that someone will request for this gadget. Haha. Anyway, hope everyone enjoy here!

Monday, March 10, 2008

DVD Ejector 1.0 Gadget

Tada! I have created a Windows Gadget named "DVD Ejector 1.0" for Windows Vista Sidebar.

1. Simple and easy to use. Just press one button to eject your DVD from DVD Rom.
2. Settings that allow selected DVD Rom to eject.
3. Safety and reliable.

Here's the screenshot:

To Download the Gadget, click here: DVD Ejector 1.0

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Memorable Moment of Cyberjaya 2007-2008

It's almost 1 year since I first move into Shell IT, Cyberjaya. With an unknown direction, I have step into a strange land full with question mark(?). My first impression on this place is bored and dull. What we can do in Cyberjaya is only Eat, Sleep, Work, Online, Eat and Sleep. At that time, Internet is one of our big hope and entertainment since nothing we can do in Cyberjaya. No Entertainment, No Night Life, No Pork, No Shopping Center, Less Restorant, Less Building, Less Car and Less People.

The place that I feel anonymous and mysterious, It has now become the place that full with my memory. Within 1 year, many things happened to my life. I meet with a lot of new friends, learning new skill set, facing with society, participating on events and indirectly adapt into a totally new environment. What I love Cyberjaya the most, is less traffic jam or should I say no jamming at all compare to KL life. You do not need to worry about traffic at any time, any day during your journey to office. Tune to MyFM and it's just an another relaxable and refreshing day to work.

Flash back to previous day, I remembered there's one time because of my careless, we get hit by a car. I have no injured but Kanojo leg get wounded seriously and it tooks about 1 month to fully recovered. I feel very sad whenever I help her to massage the wounded leg. Haiz...

Apart from this, we always struggling on what to eat for dinner as Cyberjaya is really less of Chinese Restorant. Most of the foods there either Mamak or Malay. If really no choice, then only we will go Old Town which is one of our last choice. Or else, then we order Nasi lemak ayam, Mee Goreng Pataya or Nasi goreng. Most of the time we pack the dinner and eat while watching drama.
Move back to office, there's also alot of changes had been made. Our team, is considered the largest team in this project which contains around 20 staff. Because of the amount, there's alot of birthday celebration to the colleagues. We even move from Wisma 1 to Wisma 4 building due to the population growth. BUt as time flow by, slowly this team become lesser and lesser. Some leave because of their contract has ended, some leave the company for better job and some has been move to other department. This team is not more crowded as before we firstly join in Shell.

Sometimes I doubt myself if my decision to work on Cyberjaya is right or wrong. But after stay for almost 1 year. I get used to this living style together with my Kanajo... We settle everything all together, we helping each other and We love each other. Because of her, my life full of colours. Thank you Kanojo. Every moments I have in Cyberjaya is truly amazing.

Brave Story: New Adventures

Publisher: SCEI
Developers: Game Republic
Platform: PSP
Mode: Single Player
Genre: RPG

This is my 1st RPG game completed in PSP platform. Hmmm, the story is nice and simple, plus the battle system is easy to get used to it. The story mostly like a fairy tales legend, in order to save the love one, you need to surpass your brave and courage to enter into the new World named Vision to make your destiny and wish come true.

Let me describe how the story begin.

The hero for this game, Tatsuya a young 11-year-old human boy from the real world with an intense love of playing video games on his PSP, he embarks on a quest to save Miki's life by journeying to the world of Vision as a Traveler. He is given a powerful blade called the Traveler's Sword by a mysterious elderly man named Lau. Despite being so young, he wields the sword quite well in battle and the sword's own strength grows as he locates the mysterious five gemstones. He need to collect all gemstones in order to meet with the Goddess but other than Tatsuya, there're still other Travelers exist in Vision which playing an evil characters to stop Tatsuya from gathering all the gemstones. Along the journey, he make a true friends in Vision as he find himself blossoming into a successful Travelers. Demonkin which is a demonic monsters that are from another world called The Dark sealed by the goddess into the mirror for the sake to protect the Vision. In order to get the last gemstones, Tatsuya need to fight against the Demon which the seal is broken by Rei (an evil heart Traveler).

Once Tatsuya gather all the gemstones, it suppose to be the good news. But Goddess did not make any move to grant Tatsuya wish as Tatsuya is not a Traveler sent by the Goddess. That's mean Tatsuya is a fake Traveler transfer to Vision by the evil, Onba! which is the final boss of this game. but Tatsuya and companion do not know about this. Because of that, Tatsuya and friends rush to the Tower of Goddess in order to meet Goddess for the answer. And here, Onba appear in Miki form to persuade Tatsuya to give her the Traveler's sword "Demon Bane". Play yourself to know the truth and ending! Haha.

Apart from the story itself, after clear the game and save clear data. You also can play a secret dungeon. In this dungeon, the monster is totally strong. Within the dungeon, you will get the strongest weapon for all the characters and you can meet with the super strong final boss, Metatron inside this dungeon. Well, before you meet with the boss, you need to pass through the guardian, Sheng which is also a very strong enermy. I use 1 1/2hour to defeat Sheng. OMG, too strong!!! Please be aware. Once you defeat Sheng, prepare for the most craziest battle in the game. You need at least minimum lvl 70-75. God Bless You. Some tips to share here: Defense yourself when you see Metatron use "Load SpellCannon" move. Or else... hehe, you will know when you fight Metatron.

I personally rated this game for 10/10 and is really a recommended game. It available in americas version too. So no worry for those who cant read japanese.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Download

Good News, Microsoft has made Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 available for public download. There are some new and exciting features imporvements over Internet Explorer 7 which you can expect to see in Internet Explorer Beta 1.

What do you still waiting for?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pendrive Icon Customization

Bored looking at your old Removable Drive (pendrive) Icon?

Try this:
1. Open Notepad

2. Enter this line
ICON=Folder\Your Icon.ico
3. Save as autorun.inf
4. Copy autorun.inf to your root drive as well as your icons.
5. Hide the file if you do not wish to disclose the file.
6. Done. Unplug and Plug your pendrive for the results!

Note: This trick leaked for "n" years ago. But, in case anyone who still don't know about this trick can try for it. Just for a sharing purpose.

Here the results.
During AutoPlay:

At My Computer Explorer


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Addicted to Photoshop III

Well, this time I've created a Header/Banner for my own blogging page. The image is base on the game "Ar Tonelico II" which I download from the Offcial Website of this game. Adding some effect, color adjustment and blending style. Used approximately 7 layers and here the final output of this image is shown as below.

C & C are welcome for this header/banner!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Again…

I hate Monday a lot, I know a lot of people do hate Monday too but mine is a different case. It is not because of the first day of working week, but instead I need to stay out late every Monday at office until 8PM! Just for the Teleconference Call with the Businesses. Around that time, most of the colleagues already went back home enjoying their dinner. But for me, I still hanging around at office waiting for the concall to begin.

I know this is an important task to me and I know this will be a big opportunity for me to meet/discuss issue with Business Project Manager, but to stay out late until 8PM, it is a very tired job for me. This session can’t be avoided since we have to tolerate with the Business timeline where located in US and Europe.

Basically, what we need to discuss is only a general query and big issue/potential blocker that we need to sort out. To tell the truth, it is not an easy task to deal with the Businesses as most of them are experience workers with a very high profile. Because of this, every words come out from my mind need contains a strong and logical prove. They questioning a lot during concall related to working stuff. You always need to stay alert, be prepare and conscious. Or not they will shoot you like HELL!

Perhaps, is good for my learning process to interact with the Businesses. However, is kinda pressure for me to take this challenge. As time pass by week by week, I think I should be able to handle with such situation in future. As the matter of fact, Experience come from failures. Human learn from mistake. Once you learned, be confidence!, nothing will be a problem.

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato = "Normal" Coffee Ice

It started when I pass by the Starbucks Coffee shop, the entry was advertising the new invention of Starbucks products.Then I feel should have a try since I love Starbucks Coffee alot. From the statement "To Make A CARAMEL MACCHIATO, We COMBINE rich espresso, caramelly sweetness AND RESPECT For Those Who Grow The Beans", hmmm, I think it should be nicer that I thought.

Well, without any consideration, I straight away order a cup for a try. Blasphemy! Suddenly feel disappointed! What I have in my taste is just a "Normal" Coffee Ice with Milk. Shit, they should rephase the statement "To Make A CARAMEL MACCHIATO, We COMBINE LITTLE espresso, with A LOT of Milk Plus LITTLE Caramelly Sweetness AND RESPECT For Those Who Grow The Beans". To tell the truth, I didn't felt any taste of Caramel on this cup of Coffee. Maybe is it too little caramel added? or melted before I taste it?

First advise: Don't ever get cheated by the new naming invention

Second advise: Think twice before make any decision
Third advise: Don't waste your money on these so called "Caramel Macchiato"

Really not recommended and worthless!