Friday, September 15, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Vortex

Vortex, The Unhinged, and also the Left Arm combiner of Bruticus.

Vortex Pose 10

He is named unhinged for a reason. This dude is dangerous as he carried a lot of deadly weapon. From blade to twin blade,  from missiles to gun and to Cannon launcher.

Vortex Pose 1
Vortex Pose 4
Vortex Pose 7
Vortex Pose 6

Despite his thin symmetric pointy foot, he is very posable and photogenic which you will see here.
Vortex Pose 14
Vortex Pose 13
Feel my wrath

Vortex Pose 11

Vortex Pose 9Vortex Pose 8
Is time for a kill...

Vortex Pose 5
Let settle this off.

Vortex Pose 3

Vortex Pose 2

Awesome isn't it? I just can't get tired posing him and keep on come out with an interesting manga anime alike pose for him. lol. Well, that's all for Vortex on Robot mode.

Let's transform to Copter mode.

Vortex Helicopter Mode 3
Vortex Helicopter Mode 2
Vortex Helicopter Mode 1
Vortex Helicopter Mode 4
Comparison between Leozack Jet Mode, Vortex far more superior of cause.

Lastly, the left arm which hold the strength of Bruticus.
Vortex Combiner Mode 1
Vortex Combiner Mode 2
Vortex Combiner Mode 3
Unlike Oversized Feral Rex, Jinbao kind enough to give us the palm exactly like the original version. This make what oversized KO worth the price!