Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busou Renkin!

Busou Renkin literally "Arms Alchemist" is a manga series written and drawn by Nobuhiro Watsuki which is a creator for Rurouni Kenshin a.k.a Samurai X on year 2003. Whereas the anime is release on year 2006. I complete downloaded this anime during my study in TARC, Advance Diploma and now only I have chance to watch this anime by using 3 days to watch 26 episodes completely. So this blog entry is talking crap about outdated news.

(Mutou Kazuki with his Busou Renkin)

However, I believe most of my friends haven't watch it. So what I can say is, this anime is freaking excited and totally recommended. The storyline is creative since it use alchemy and homunculus as a main item. Each characters will have a unique weapon transformed from the Kakugane. Among all the normal Kakugane, there are only 3 Black Kakugane exist in the world and 1 is already inside Victor's Heart (which is the strongest Alchemy Warrior in the story), and another 1 is inside Mutou Kazuki's Heart (Hero). For Black Kakugane users, they have the ability to evolve. While in stage 1, a user can transform from normal human to his/her 'Victor' form. After 6 weeks, a user evolves into stage 2, when he/she is permanently transformed into a 'Victor' form, while in stage 3, the tanned skin turns into a dark red, and the power of energy drain greatly increases. Black Kakugane have all the functions of a standard Kakugane.

(Victor possesses Black Kakugane, Victor I give their users glowing light green hair, red eyes, and tanned skin)

Well, I think I stop here. If you want to know more about this anime, go and watch yourself. If not you blame me as a spoiler.

For more information: Busou Renkin Offcial Website

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"L" Room

That's right, "L" which mean Lloyd is currently moved from Block A to Block B. Yeah. I started to move my stuff since last sunday and it's completed yesterday. Before my table being move to this new house, my room is damn messy and it looks like "L" territory. Haha.

Hmmm, busy gathering information about KIRA...

But once the table moved to this new room, everything change and become tidy/normal. Thanks to my housemate who help me to move some furniture as this really help me to ease my workload.


Monday, April 21, 2008

~Untitled~ Good Luck

Everything will be OK soon...
There's NOTHING to worry...
Try your very BEST will do...
Good LUCK... Daisuki Kanojo...

Your Sincerely,

Valkyrie Profile for Nintendo DS

Publisher: Square-Enix
Developer: Tri Ace
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: RPGRelease
Date: Coming Soon

Great News!!! Today when I checked on Square-Enix Official Website, I found out a new tab that contains a familiar image to me. And that's Valkyrie Profile for Nintendo DS. I'm not sure wheather the story is still the same as in PS/PSP or is totally a new story. Zen Zen wakaranai! But from I see from the main logo, it change to red colour and when you notice again... the motto change too!

However, too bad it release in Nintendo DS. If the story same as PS/PSP, then is ok for me. Haha. Well, I also hope that they will release new story for this.

Anyway, here's the preview movie from Square-Enix Official Website:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tweak Thumbnail Preview in Windows Vista

Wish to have larger Thumbnail Preview in Windows Vista?
Yes, now you can do it by editing the value in your Regedit Tools to make it more larger as you wish.

Here's what you can try:

1. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer
2. Create a DWORD Value and name it ThumbnailSize. Double-click the entry, select decimal and a number between 32 and 256. The default value for the thumbnail size is 100, if you would like a bigger size increase the number above 100, if you like smaller ones choose one below 100.
3. The new settings will become active after you restart your system.




Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Unable to Update Windows Vista Experience Index Score

Recently I face a problem in my machine where my WEI score is having an unrated error.

I suspect it may happen that the error is due to the unsupported drivers which installed into our machine hence the problem arise. Therefore, I spent my time to troubleshoot on the error and this is what I get:

First, please check your WEI score before you installed any drivers into your machine, especially Motherboard and Graphic Card Drivers. Uncompatible sys file will cause your machine to crash into Blue Screen when you attempt to Update your score or rate your score.

Or even if you are able to click on it and and open the 'Rate and Improve Your Computers Performance' window, you find that instead of individual scores, you get a blank windows.

Here is what you can try:

1. Run Regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Control Panel\Performance Control Panel.
2. In the Right Hand Side pane, ensure that the value of PerfCplEnabled is set to 1
3. You may have to reboot.

P/S: For some cases, even if you have installed a correct/compatible drivers, the system will still having an unrated issue. Thus, please feel free to try the above steps provided.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

~Untitled~ I Miss You

Current Status: Lonely, Sad

First day without you, everything change...

You always use bathroom earlier than me, I'm the first who use bathroom now... and I miss you.
We always wear shoes together in the living room, but now only left me in the living room... and I miss you.
We always walk to car park together, now I need to walk alone... and I miss you.
You always sit beside me when I drving, now the seat is empty... and I miss you.
We always walk to office together, now I need to walk alone... and I miss you.
We always chat with each other, you no more online... and I miss you.
We always eat lunch together, now I have to eat without you... and I miss you.
We always solve problem together, now I have to solve myself... and I miss you.
We always back home together, now I need to back myself... and I miss you.
We always take dinner together, now I need to pack and back home eat alone... and I miss you.
You always alert me whenever I drive carelessly, now no more alert sound from you... and I miss you.
I always setup things for her, now I only setup for myself... and I miss you.
We always watch drama together, now I watch drama alone... and I miss you.
We always play together, now I have to play alone... and I miss you.I
always nap you, now I have to sleep without napping you... and I miss you.

Without you... now I miss you alot...

When you will be online?
I miss you.

StandBy Mode

What's mean by StandBy Mode?

In computer theme, it means that the machine provides an almost immediate resumption of operation when turned back on. In standby mode, the hard disk and display are turned off, and the CPU is throttled down to its lowest-power state. However, memory is kept active, which requires battery power, but at a very slow rate.

How about for human theme? Is it mean that we must make a preparation and readiness to accomplish some assigned task when needed or called. I receive a message today, the upper management is giving me an oppurtunity to complete some task which is damn important to the project. when I heard the news, I'm quite happy but at the same time I'm worry too. Happy is because I'm able to explore more outside the world. Worry is because I'm lack of experience and facing difficulty in my financial issue. Nevertheless, I'm only in a StandBy Mode. Somehow everything is still in planning. Hence, what I can do now is to act like a machine StandBy Mode.

Hope that everything will be settle before they turn me on to Run Mode.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sarabada Boku wa Ai no Kanojo

Venue: Alamanda Putrajaya, Penang Village
Date: 08th April 2008
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Price: Unknown

Ya, here's another team event that celebrate farewell lunch to one of our colleagues which is also my Kanojo. Today, is also One Year Anniversary for me and Kanojo working in Shell IT, Cyberjaya. For me, I decided to continue my journey here. As for her, she has make a wise decision to leave this company and find her own path and future.

I have a lot of things in my mind now but somehow I just unable to express myself here. However, I wish her all the best and I will always support and stay by her side. Good Luck!

Here's the photo that we took after the lunch as a piece of memory that engrave deep within our heart.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Birthday Present!

Model: Megatron S Super Mode
Generation: Transformers Micron Legend
Code: MD08
Price: Priceless
Shop: Berjaya Time Square, 7th Floor, Time Machine
Date to Remember: 07 April 2008

Surprise! This is my 3rd Model of Transformers that I collect up to now and is Megatron again but definately a different generation. Thanks to my lovely Kanojo, she brought me this and give me as a birthday present. I'm really touching. Thank you very much!

The story start as describe: That day we back home as usual, then I went to toilet for a while. I heard Kanojo open her door and close not a minute, then I wonder what she doing there. Unexpectedly, went I entered my room, I saw a box that looks familiar to me. Hah! Suddenly I felt surprise and voiceless why there’s a box of Transformers on my bed. Without thinking, I walk to Kanojo room and she look at me. Really speechless at that time but heart full with happiness and joy. After a while of stubborn, I warmly say “Thanks you for the present” . Haha, of course we did open the box together carefully and research on every part of this model. We even confuse at the first time and force to refer the manual book. After discover all the parts, she help me to took some photo together with the model she give to me. I’m very happy at that moment as we play together with the model. I will treasure this in my heart.

Well, let us review this model deeply.

Front Box View:

Back Box View:

Upper Box view:

As a Robot Mode, this model has a limited movement especially on the lower part which provided less flexibility to the leg that unable to blend to the front. Other than this, this model is just great to have a lot of different changes.

Robot Mode:

Robot Mode (Body that able to stretch up):

Blasting Mode:

Compare to my StarScream and Galvatron, this model contains three voices within 1 speaker. Pretty Cool ya. Different Launch will provide different sound. Apart from this, there are three item provided in the box which contains 1 Rocket Launcher, 2 missiles and 1 Mini-con named Leader-1.

Mini-con View:

In addition, if this model change to Vehicle Mode, it also provided a lot of secret room/door as a extension to the mini-con.

Vehicle Mode (Front View):

Vehicle Mode (Right View):

Vehicle Mode (Left View, Extended!):

Vehicle Mode (Upper View):

Vehicle Mode (Upper View, Extended!):

Specification Card:

The postures of this model is limited, hence it is very hard to get a nice post for this model.

Family of Decepticon:

My overall expression for this model is cool, Multiple sound and extra secret extension impress me a lot.Hence, I rated this model for 9/10. 1 point loss due to it limited movement.

For more information:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Upgrade! My New CPU

Tada! after a long consideration, cost planning and allocation, struggle for budget and hardware arrangement, finally on the week before PIKOM, I decided to purchase a New CPU! Unexpectedly, I brought it with a cheaper price as I calculated before. The reason is that the hardware price drop instantly especially for RAM, MotherBoard and Hard disk.

Let me go through the hardware that I selected:

Processor: Intel C2D E4500 2.2Ghz FSB800 Cache 2MB

As it is not much different compare to 2.4Ghz, so I ended up brought this processor.

MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H

Unfortunately, the shop that I wish to purchase the whole CPU do not have stock almost for a week already. Hence, I brought this MotherBoard from other shop. This MotherBoard comes with NVIDIA chipset and integrated with NVIDIA Graphics card. Hence, the quality of the graphics is consider good based on the price. However, the driver of this Motherboard is not the latest one therefore it can't support WDDM for Windows Vista Aero Glass(although the box stated that it certified for Windows Vista). Well, thanks to my friends who helps me to download the latest version of this model's driver. After the installation and reboot. Aero Glass enable automatically! That time is around 4 am.

RAM: Kingston DDR2 2GB 667
Hard disk: WD SATA2 8MB 160GB + 320GB

Power Supply: Cooler Master Extreme 390 watt

Casing: Cooler Master Transparent Casing

This casing has One Build-In fan.

Front View:

Side View:

As for the other hardwares, it will inherited from my Old CPU. No more enjoyment for this month as I poor like hell now. Bread will be my Lunch and Dinner...

Terrible Dinner...

Venue: Chop n Steak
Date: 4th April 2008
Time: 7pm
Location: Serdang Lama, Opposite Beryl's Factory

Based on the title above, you should know my dinner is full of disappointment. I swear that no second time on that restourant again. But if you still insist to have a try, go ahead. I also hope that my judgement is wrong.

Let me comment on some of the foods that we ordered.

Chicken Gorden Blue:

Not from Secret Recipy, hence less cheese. This is not the problem, the ridiculous things is that they pour sweet and sour sauce to the Chicken. For me, it taste weird.

Western Ikan Bakar (I forget the name for this order as it is too long and hard to remember, so I named it as displayed):

What so special for this Ikan Bakar? No fishbone but still got many tiny fishbone. From the menu, you will thought it is a fillet but came out a different image as you imagine.

Just regret why I spent so much money on this junk. I rather go to mamak stall to have a Roti canai and Mee Goreng for less than RM10!

Note: Hope no one take this to his/her heart. This entry is based on my personal view and not relevant to other fact.

Moving to New Team!

Finally, I've been officially move to Scripting Team start on April 1th 2008. After 1 year rotation, I finally back to Wisma 1 but not the same cubicle as I seat previously. Is kinda sad to leave everyone in my team and join the team member. However, this is. We always need to move forward and face the new challenges. Fortunately, all the new team member very nice to us especially our Scripting Manager.

Is already 1 week since I move to this team and everything looks fine to me. According to my Technical Lead, they will start to assign some scripting request to us for a try next week. Hope that I able to cope with it.

Here's some photo of my new cubicle that I took during office hours. In front of my cubicle is one of my friend which is also move to Scripting Team.

I know is kinda messy...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AppCompat Farewell Lunch

Venue: Marriot Putrajaya, Tuscany Italian Restaurant
Date: 31th March 2008
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Price: RM130 - RM150

Another event held by our team, which is a farewell lunch made to one of our colleagues. We ordering set lunch which consist of:

1. Gravadlex - salmon with Sweet Mustard Sauce
(Forget to take picture for this item)

2. Soup of Roasted Pumpkin and Herbs

3. Pan-Fried Seabass - with Herbed Mashed Potatoes, Ratatouille Vegetables and Sun-Dried Tomata Cream Sauce

4. Classis Tiramisu - Served with Fresh Fruits and Caramel Sauce.

I think the set lunch is quite delicious but most of my colleagues comment that is not recommended. Actually it depends on your favourable. For me, I think is considerable. Try or not try is still your choice.

Anyway, wish my colleague Good Luck and have a bright Future. Below is the group photo that we took after the lunch.

For more information: Tuscany Italian Restaurant

KL Tower - Wedding Dinner

Venue - KL Tower, Mega View Banquet
Date - 29th March 2008

Yeah, very obvious this is my 1st time visit to KL Tower and the reason, is to attend my boss wedding dinner. What surprise me is that I'm able to reach KL Tower without refering to map or friends. Too bad that my friends who follow behind my car get lost and she's only reach half hour lost in nowhere. Another crisis that we are facing is traffic jam! We start our journey at 5pm and reach KL Tower on 7.30pm! Ridiculous.

Well, upon arrive to the Mega View banquet, giving red pack is definately a tradision and search for our seat... Holy Shit! Guess who? OMG, I need to dine with all the bosses(my current boss and GirlFriend which is also a boss but not same department, my boss's boss and family, my boss's boss's boss, my boss's boss's boss's boss). Getting sweat when I first known about the arrangement. I thought we as a AppCompat team will have one or two reserve table. Haiz, let us ignore this problem.

Before the dinner serves, we spent some time to take some picture of KL night view and also the environment around especially the wedding decoration and display. Here's some photo that I took during the night.

As usual, we enjoy the dinner and later on we cheers with bride and groom with a happy never ending story. While the day is still young, we gather all the team member for a photo session.

Preparing to back home? Yeah, after the dinner and again, here's some photo that I took inside the lift and under the tower. Haha. That's all for the story. Lastly, I wish my boss will have a great moment and happily ever after.