Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dome Doom!

Dome.. I can't forget you since the last time we meet. I missed the taste of your drinks, the fragment of your finest coffee and the sweetness of your honeycomb chocolates~. And this is really doom my life cause I've addicted to it. So help me~

Yeah, I'm a coffee lover and I like to drink coffee very much. Before that, I just stick to the commoner like Starbucks. Well, after I saw a comment of my friend about Dome (in fact I never notice that Dome is famous with their coffee until I read the comment) finally I have my chance to sit down and have a try.

Dome Espreski HoneyComb Goldrush - Blended and topped with big chunks of golden honeycomb chocolate.

Gosh! This is heavenly nice! With the combination of coffee and chocolate blended, the taste is just damn great. Plus the honeycomb chocolate on top of it makes it more tastier sweet and crunchy. Oh my god, this is 10X nicer that what I have drink before in Starbucks.

But too bad, Dome price is really doom too. This cup of drink cost me RM19 (regular). For Starbucks I guess is just RM16.30 for Large. May be this is the differences of nice coffee and lousy coffee.

Kellies Castle

During the weekend when the time I was going back my hometown. I brought along my housemate to my house for a visit and this is one of the place, Kellies Castle which is one of the historical place in Perak. Well, I'm never to Kellies Castle before. This is 1st time and entry fee is RM4 per person.

Rumour said that this coridor was still haunted by Kellies Soul where someone saw Kellies still walk around.

Suddenly wheather become very bad.

But this side is still bright and sunny. Weird~

The view from the top roof. This is the place where Kellies suggested to have a roof top party is this castle is successfully build.

They sure proud to be a Malaysian~

The wind very strong here cause it almost storm.

Actually our next schedule is to Gua Tempurang but suddenly heavy rain. So force to cancel the trip and back to my house directly. Haha

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ayumi Hamasaki - My Super Idol!

This is my overall collection of Ayumi Hamasaki's CD which I started to collect since secondary school time. :D

LOVEppear and Duty.

I am and Rainbow.

Memorial Address and My Story.

Ayumi Hamasaki Poster of LOVEppear.

There are few album that I still missed out and I wish to collect back but I just can't make it until now. May be I have lost the interesting of collection Original CD instead of Downloading from Internet.

A Song for XX, (Miss)understood, Secret and Guilty will still in my queue list.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Sketch Items

After a long rest and retirement, finally my left hand is going to start engine again.
Before start sketching, this is some basic equipment that I normally used.

Check: Drawing Block CW 2603 - This is more thicker than C2601

This one is a must for me.
Check: Mechanical Pencil as 2nd layer and 2H Pencil as a base. The Cutter is use to sharpen the 2H.

Check: Soft rubber and Buncho 2B refill

Now all the item I need is complete. I think I can start my work in anytime now. :)

Shigoto shigoto!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SPEED 15th Single - あしたの空

Speed, the group of JPop singer that appeared in my life after Ayumi Hamasaki is now reunion again by release a new single, あしたの空 after a long last Sayonara at Tokyo Dome. After debanding in early 2000, it was announced on August 20, 2008 that SPEED are reuniting permanently. Frankly speaking, I'm happy to see them reunion and hope there will be a good song from them but unfortunately is kinda disappointed for me. But wait and see la, just started to reunion, still got good show behind (hope so...)

Single: SPEED - Ashita no Sora


  1. あしたの空 (Ashita no Sora)
  3. White Love~Steady~Body&Soul
  4. あしたの空 (Instrumental)
  5. SOMETHING NEW (Instrumental)
  6. White Love~Steady~Body&Soul (Instrumental)


  1. 「あしたの空」Music Clip+OFF SHOT
Hmmm... is it true that disbanded group will start to reunion once they have financial crisis just like what F4 do??? I just wondering only, no offend. :D

Saturday, November 8, 2008

AppCompat Completion Dinner

Here I am in Tony Roma's for 2nd time and I would like to revise my comment on them. Thanks to my boss on this Dinner so that I could taste again on this wonderful dishes.

Right now everyone is busy picking up their menu.

For me, I ordering Pina Colada as for my drinks.

and the Starter. I don't know what it call but is a mushroom which is quite nice.

Without hesitation, of course World Famous Ribs will be the next.

Huhuhu.. I must eat gao gao liao.

Hence, here is the Boneless Beef Ribs, Full Rack! with Coleslaw and Potato Chips. As you can see on the photo. The colors of the ribs is perfectly nice. One bite on this, you will definately taste the juicy sauce coming out from the meat. Wow! this is freaking delicious. I'm personally highly recommended (only for those who take beef).

4 different sauce from Tony Roma's.


After the main dish, of course followed by desserts Strawberry Cheesecake Martini and Tony's Chocolate Avalanche which sadly I forget to capture a photo on it.

Compare to Chillis, Tony Roma's is more cheaper but the variety is more lesser. Just remember to pick Tony Roma's beef if you have chance. Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Edifier C3 - A Passion for Sound~

Welcome to my new babe~ Edifier C3 which turns my ear from deaf to alive. I wanted to change the speaker long time ago and with that I able to completely setup my old machine at my hometown for family usage. To get this babe, I spent up several hours just to test, test and test on the sound quality as well as other factor like price, the value and my budget. As my friend advise (they are devil actually), speaker can use for decades so they call me to buy a good 1 for future saving instead of getting lousy speaker which can easily spoiled.

Here's the review for this Edifier C3:

-Total Power Output: RMS 8W x 2 + 30W.
-8" Woofer Driver Unit.
-3.5" Mid-range Driver Unit.
-13mm, silk diaphragm.
-16.6Kg for single gift box.

-2.1 channel multimedia speaker with external amplifier.
-Stand-alone 48 Watt external 'component' amplifier.
-Complete wooden housing for all speakers.
-Electronic Intelligence Distortion Control (E.I.D.C) inside.
-Built-in MCU control with multifunctional digital display.
-8 inch driver for subwoofer with 2-way designed satellites.
-Magnetically shielded drivers for all speaker.

Inside the box:

Besides, I also getting a Logitech multimedia keyboard and mouse.

Only this keyboard able to give me the strenght of playing O2JAM! Even a nob can be pro if using this keyboard for O2Jam.

Here's the complete set for my All in Black Super Computer. Cool ya but is abit messy with my table.

Don't Misunderstand. This is not a mini CPU but an amplifier.

The Woofer.

For my review, I think this speaker is really really great. It really can turn a lousy/bad/ugly song to a perfect song. I just feel great when everytime I turn on my WMP. If you wish to change speaker, perhaps you can go for this too. Although is very expensive, but I don't think you will change your speaker anymore. This babe will accompany me forever~