Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bye Bye zeroX, Welcome Level Nine

As you can see, my spectacle is broken, cause my heart broken, hence cause my wallet broken too...

As destined, I was force to make a new spectacle to celebrate the year 2009. So this is the new spectacle that I choose which they claimed is a Chinese New Year product. Level Nine advertise by Jordan Chan.

To tell the truth, I really don't wish to change my spectacle as the previous one still usable. Too bad his life too short, hit and killed by a basketball... God Bless

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Friend Visiting

Yesterday, two of my best friends (which they claims they are, but the true is I totally hate them) is visiting me. Their name is Shang Feng (flu), Hou Long Tong (sore throat) and Ke Sou(cough) respectively. I'm not sure why they suddenly appear in front of me but I'm sure they are freaking me out and damn annoying.

I know tomorrow is X'mas, but I don't wish to have your Virus X'mas gift. Save it for yourself OK? Please stay away from me. I never admit that you are my best friend. I know your weakness (Panadol), but I don't want to harm you. Can you just listen to me and return back to your home. I've already take my first step to pour hot water (drinking water) onto you but why you still insist here?

Can someone help me to take them away?

Offer Letter Signed!

Start from 02th January 2009, I will officially become as part of EDS staff. Flash back to the year of 2007 April 10th, start from a stupid innocence fresh grad student to a working environment, it has been 1 year and 8 month since then. Finally I'm converted from a "Contractor" to a "Permanent" position.

What goods about this is we can enjoy our benefits like annual leave, MC leave, medical claims and dental and optical claims. But what bad about this is we can't longer claim OT. Come on! Don't be so greedy OK since the basic that they provided is consider reasonable. At least we have a titled Infrastructure Analyst/Engineer instead of Associate. Haha just joking.

Looking back to the past, we really put a lot of effort and hard work for this job. I love this job, is not that the task is easy and stressless, but the working environment and facilities we have here and what most important is the friends that we get along make you even love this place. However because of contract issue, most of my friends have decided to leave this place and find a new root from them to grow up again. You will just see them leave one by one but yet i'm not the only survivor on this contract issue.

Well I have sign the contract for EDS so there's no turning back right now. Just hope the decision that I made is correct without regret. Today is Christmas Eve, hope all my friends and Kanojo enjoy their white silent night. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

[PSP] Final Fantasy Dissidia

Final Fantasy Dissidia - One of the coolest fighting game i ever amazed. The character including all the heroes and villains from Final Fantasy I - XI + 1 Cosmos and 1 Chaos which is specially created for Dissidia.

Each character will have their own skill. ability and Ex-Mode (an unavoidable special attack similar to the Limit Break mechanic seen in many games in the series). Players can also customize their characters with equipment. In the beginning of the games, you will only have heroes to select. While all the villains need to be unlock using the PP Point collected from each Quick Battle or Story Mode. As for me, so far I have unlocked Sephiroth and Ultimecia. :D

The Battle style is quite new for me. To be more accurate, this game was categories as
"dramatic progressive action" instead of Fighting game like Street Fighter or King of Fighter. As I mentioned earlier, Players can have their own equipment and what fun is you have to gain the gil (money) from each victory battle to buy the equipment such as weapon, armor and accessories.

Right now I'm still trying out my best to get familiar with all the mode and function for this game. Luckily I know how to read Japanese Language but I'm bad with the Kanji as I poor in Chinese. Forget about this.

For more information: Final Fantasy Dissidia Official Website

Inside here, you can get tons of Wallpaper, Custom Theme, Each Character Desciption (with Ex-Mode included) and Movie which you MUST WATCH!!! What you need to do is just spend a few minutes and watch all of this movie. I bet you won't regret!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My X'mas Present!

Merry Christmas~ Hohoho. This year I received my X'mas present earlier as we might don't have chance to celebrate X'mas on this year. The reason is on 27th Dec, I'm going to attend my cousin wedding party at Perak, Ipoh. I feel very sorry to Kanojo about this but the timing is really really bad.

As for this present gift, firstly I thought I will receive a teddy bear instead as she told me that she have brought a teddy bear for me at first. However, later she told me that this is not real because is too weird to give teddy bear for boy as a gift. Hehe. I really believe in that. Whether the gift is teddy bear or sometime else, I think as long as it have it meaning, I will always appreciate and love it. But rather surprise, I never thought my gift was so special to me!

I received my lovely idol! Ayumi Hamasaki Complete All Singles~



Disc 1: Inner

Disc 2: Inner

Disc 3: Inner

DVD: Inner


Thanks Kanojo for this meaningful X'mas gift~ I really love it and hope she loves her X'mas gift too. Thank you very much~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

浜崎あゆみ Green/Days 発売する!!!

今日は、浜崎あゆみ Green/Days 発売される!良かった~。きっとダウンロードする!絶対!ハハ。だってこれはのリリース「Single」ですよ。
ごめんね。。 あゆちゃん。ボクも一度約束購入する、アルバムをリリース。

さ~ このトラック見てましょうか:

01. Days
03. LOVE ~Destiny~ [10th Anniversary ver.]
04. Days (Instrumental)
05. GREEN (Instrumental)
06. LOVE ~Destiny~ [10th Anniversary ver.](Instrumental)

01. Days PV
03. the making of Days

02. Days
03. TO BE [10th Anniversary ver.]
04. GREEN (Instrumental)
05. Days (Instrumental)
06. TO BE [10th Anniversary ver.](Instrumental)

02. Days PV
03. the making of GREEN


Cooliris 1.9

Cooliris - a cool add-on for Firefox and Windows IE that enchanced the rich style, design and function on viewing the photo such as Facebook, Friendster, deviantArt, picasaWeb and etc etc..

For instance: Once you have install Cooliris on your machine, this is what you will see when you mouseover to the photo (or whatever photo you are viewing on). There will be an small icon beneath on the bottom left corner. When you click on it, Cooliris will start to run.

Cooliris will load all the photo on the album and display it as shown on the image below.

Cooliris even have a function to drag the photo feel-alike 3D style which is very cool!

Other than that, if you on full screen mode, this is how it looks like. If you notice there is a Play button which will automated your photo into a slide show.

Check it out more on:
Cooliris Website
Cooliris Downloads

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Girlfriend!

joyeux anniversaire à ma petite amie bien-aimée
С Днем Рождения моей любимой девушкой друга
عيد ميلاد سعيد بلدي الحبيب فتاة صديق
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो मेरी प्यारी लड़की दोस्त
Happy Birthday mio caro amico ragazza
내 사랑하는 여자 친구 생일 축하
Χρόνια πολλά αγαπημένο κορίτσι μου φίλος
Happy birthday to my beloved girlfriend, be happy!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Package Reviewed!

After a long wait and patient, finally our package has been release and reviewed. The discussed amount really stunted me a second as I never thought it would be that high! Consider adding all the benefit they have and leaves given. Yeah man this is real freaking high.

This is worth to celebrate news after a several month struggling searching for jobs and interviews which return zero value. Well, what we can do now is to wait for the offer letter before this can be officially announce. Hope everything is under control and good deed come to us. Looking forward for the good news!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

McDonald, Teluk Intan

Finally! McD is now launched on Teluk Intan and 24 business hours as well. Wow. KFC is going to down soon. Haha. Too bad that I forgot to took a photo of the McD building and location as I was there during their opening. haiz. But I promise I will post up a photo here once I capture it. Hehe. Even the photo uploaded above is grabbed somewhere else using google. :P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dome Doom!

Dome.. I can't forget you since the last time we meet. I missed the taste of your drinks, the fragment of your finest coffee and the sweetness of your honeycomb chocolates~. And this is really doom my life cause I've addicted to it. So help me~

Yeah, I'm a coffee lover and I like to drink coffee very much. Before that, I just stick to the commoner like Starbucks. Well, after I saw a comment of my friend about Dome (in fact I never notice that Dome is famous with their coffee until I read the comment) finally I have my chance to sit down and have a try.

Dome Espreski HoneyComb Goldrush - Blended and topped with big chunks of golden honeycomb chocolate.

Gosh! This is heavenly nice! With the combination of coffee and chocolate blended, the taste is just damn great. Plus the honeycomb chocolate on top of it makes it more tastier sweet and crunchy. Oh my god, this is 10X nicer that what I have drink before in Starbucks.

But too bad, Dome price is really doom too. This cup of drink cost me RM19 (regular). For Starbucks I guess is just RM16.30 for Large. May be this is the differences of nice coffee and lousy coffee.

Kellies Castle

During the weekend when the time I was going back my hometown. I brought along my housemate to my house for a visit and this is one of the place, Kellies Castle which is one of the historical place in Perak. Well, I'm never to Kellies Castle before. This is 1st time and entry fee is RM4 per person.

Rumour said that this coridor was still haunted by Kellies Soul where someone saw Kellies still walk around.

Suddenly wheather become very bad.

But this side is still bright and sunny. Weird~

The view from the top roof. This is the place where Kellies suggested to have a roof top party is this castle is successfully build.

They sure proud to be a Malaysian~

The wind very strong here cause it almost storm.

Actually our next schedule is to Gua Tempurang but suddenly heavy rain. So force to cancel the trip and back to my house directly. Haha

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ayumi Hamasaki - My Super Idol!

This is my overall collection of Ayumi Hamasaki's CD which I started to collect since secondary school time. :D

LOVEppear and Duty.

I am and Rainbow.

Memorial Address and My Story.

Ayumi Hamasaki Poster of LOVEppear.

There are few album that I still missed out and I wish to collect back but I just can't make it until now. May be I have lost the interesting of collection Original CD instead of Downloading from Internet.

A Song for XX, (Miss)understood, Secret and Guilty will still in my queue list.