Saturday, April 11, 2009

お誕生日おめでとう ロイドさま!

Happy Birthday! Whole day schedule fully booked for outing. From 10am - 1am.
Coincident, today is PIKOM PC Fair 2009 as well. Please refer to my previous post about my PIKOM PC Fair event.

Next, we proceed Tien Hou Gong as Richard requested. This is my first time visit too. It was very popular temple and well known by people. 10 out 9 people known this temple. Then where is the 1 more left? Yeah, that's me! I just get to know today.

Once you enter the main gate, will first saw a big statue of Guan Yin. Popi Popi~

This is what my friend, Richard looking for. Is 月老. A famous God that responsible to tie all the red thread among human relationship.

12 zodiac statue available here as well.

2nd floor outside the temple.

Inside the temple

Fate Stick?

Golden Dragon

Golden Tien Hou Gong

Another statue of Guan Yin. When you kneel in front of the statue, the holy water will flow out from the pot. Fill the water and use to wash face.


After the visit, our next time trip is Cheras for a dinner. This is where we are. Gilly Cafe

Is kinda suffer for me to sit on the floor. As I sprained my ankle few days ago. Is already recover alot. However it will still pain in the ass if move on the wrong direction.

I thought after the dinner everyone will back home rest and end of my schedule for the day. I never knew they will actually brought me a cake for celebration. I guess is Chocolate Almond if not mistaken.

Unexpressed feeling at that moment.

Cut cake ceremony using samurai blade? Wow that's crazy but I'm just act there. :P

And here we are a group of 7 people finish the cake.

Now only I know my cutting cake skill is pretty good ya.
At last, Thanks guys! Thanks for the cake, thanks for the whole day event, and thanks for your priceless time spending the day with me. May god be with you.

Truly sincere:

PIKOM PC Fair 11 April 2009

See I've got for this time PC Fair. Yeah, is a 320GB Buffalo Mini Station External HD and a Movie Box/TVBox.

Gosh, year by year the HD price become more and more cheaper. For this 320GB, it only cost me RM248. My friend who brought WD 250GB External HD cost him RM249. Can you see the different? Extra 70GB for only different RM1. But this is genuinely a Japan Product. Hence, i'm not sure about the performance and quality.

What good about this HD is already labeled on the box. As you can see, the data transfer rates is up to 20% faster than the normal Ext HD we have. This is because they have flash a firmware into the HD to boost up the performance. As well as the chassis is specially made for Shock Resistant.

Inside the box, 1 USB cable and 1 Power cable (use only if you PC unable to boot up the HD).

They even give me 1GB pendrive for free. To tell the truth, I hope to get free pouch rather than this pendrive. It's useless anyway, nowadays 1GB is too less for me.

Here's another Product on the day. It seems like this device is start to popular. By the way, what it is use for?
It you have this device, that mean you can throw away your DVD player! Yes I mean it.

This device is same is a DVD player, but it is not using DVD to play the movie. It use USB, SD or MMC to play the movie on TV. This mean you can directly copy some movie into your pendrive or Ext HD and play it using this device! Clear? Great right?

Inside the box: Manual Book, HDMI cable, analog cable, adaptor and remote control.

And what so great about this player is it almost support all type of movie file. But for my case, AVI and RMVB is more than enough. Besides, it also support various type of song file, photo and documents.

Yeah, now you can watch all your downloaded movie without burn it into DVD-R. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Experience 8 Hour Without Network

Crap Network! One of the port has been disabled by Network Administrator on Wednesday. Another port disabled again on today. My cubicle, which only have two port, already disabled. Damn, called Helpdesk for help almost used up half an hour just for them to pick up the phone. What they need to do is just create a god damn ticket, they told me the possible root cause: Attacked by Virus. Not only my port being affected, most of the colleagues affected too.

No network is a serious problem for me. I can't copy source, can't deploy source, can't read email, can't reply email, can't update SAGE, can't play FaceBook and can't surf Haoting. I only able to chatting with friends, drawing on the newspaper and tea time for the whole day. Feel relaxed but kinda pressure too as I might not know what to fill in on the Time Write at the end of the day. Somemore you will feel the clock is ticked slower than usual when you have nothing to do.

Haiz, really hope that the Helpdesk will help me to enable back my port on Monday.