Saturday, February 28, 2009

Che Go & J.Co Donut

Here I am again in Sunway for Food Hunting. Yes, and it's gonna be talking about food again! I love to try new food. So whenever I'm going for outing, definitely I'm going to find a cafe or restaurant that I do not try or enter before. As for Cwei and KS always suggest for sushi Groove. Oh gosh, give me a break. Is so hardly to have a outing and why don't we try a new dish right? So we ended up on CHE GO (in Cantonese mean Go Away) which is just beside Sushi Groove.

Here come the menu.

After a long discussion, this is what we select for our Breakfast + Lunch. We are lucky that time to have a lunch promotion from 11am-3pm. So the price for this set is just only RM98 instead of RM128 shown inside the menu.

Damn, korean chopstick is so hard to use as they are rectangular shape instead of round shape.

This is the stove that they use for BBQ.

This is me waiting for the food to serve.

The environment inside not bad. Full with Chinese and Korean style.

After a few minutes, here come the food. All Vegetable... I guess is a healthy lunch for me. All of them, only Kimchi is special to me.

Fried Korean Seafood Pancake

Chicken Vege with Udon.

Yeah, and this is damn delicious. Especially the soup
Udon that is going to add into the Hot Pot afterward when it boiled.

As our table is full of food now, the waitress have no choice but to BBQ our Chicken on the next table. Too bad we can't BBQ ourself.

And here's my favourite~ BBQ Chicken.

Now only I remembered I forget to took a photo of Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup. Argh, just keep on eat until forget to do so.

After the lunch, we proceed to Cinema for "The Legend of Chun Li". I'm a big fan of Street Fighter. So this movie is a MUST to watch. But I felt wasted after spending One and a half hour.

After the movie, our next stop is J.Co Donuts for tea time. Most of the people says that J.Co Donut is the best. So I'm here to give it a try.

Here I picked up 4 donut that make me hungry.
Tiramisu and Belgium Chocolate.

Da Vin Cheez and Why Nut.

And a Cup of Cafe Latte Ice.

This tea time is real fantastic. We spent almost a few hours sitting there chat chat and chat. Their business never been less people. Well, I could say it is a nice place for gathering and tea time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My PSP Sony EarPhone

After my old PSP earphone spoiled (one of the head become soundless), here's is the new earphone which is going to give me the game/song/movie real enjoyment. Thanks to Kanojo for this lovely present.

Compare to the old one, the sound produced is greatly improved and clear as usual. Well, is a heavy bass afterall. Hence the sound is louder compare to other earphone with same sound level set on the PSP. But where the hell is the bass come from? If you notice, each of the head will contains two mini bass which will give you the true sensation either playing games, listening to song or watching movie from PSP.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Papa Johns @ Berjaya Time Square

Bored after Pizza Hut and Domino? Here's what new that you can try. Papa Johns which located in Berjaya Time Square (Ground Floor). If you do know where is it, it is just in between of Dome and Tough. It seem like this is their first outlet in Klang Valley and just launched this year, 8th Jan.

Since me and my friend have reach BTS with empty stomach, why don't we just try on the new stuff. Hence, this is why we step our foot inside Papa Johns.

The menu remind me of Domino,

The decorating is quite similar to Pizza Hut huh. Drawing with Cheese, Onion, Chilies or Tomatoes on the wall. Well I guess this got to be the main ingredient for a real Pizza.

As for the menu, is quite numbered of selection inside. But we just order a set menu for two person which cost around RM26.90. The set contains bread sticks (total 6 sticks), 2 soft drink and 1 Pizza with only selected choices. Unfortunately, no mushroom soup for the set.

Here's how the bread stick looks like. Another stick is already munching inside my mouth. The bread is just great, crispy and delicious. Serve with Tomato and Garlic sauce which make it a nice combination.

And here the main course, Texas Heat that capture the flavour of lean ground beef, tasty, crispy beef bits, onions, green peppers and the spicy jalapeno peppers.

Once you bite on it... the taste is so Pizza Hut!!! I wish I can reselect the menu. Damn it.