Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Swindler

Swindler, The Con Man, also the Right Leg Combiner for Bruticus.

Swindler Pose 9
He is one of my favorite character. He is only one of the member that have a cheeky smile that really boost up his characteristic as a con master.

Swindler Pose 10
He also got a great coloring scheme that make him stand out. Body proposition, no complaint at all. Being a KO product, Swindler still perfectly crafted with no slightly sign of defect.

Swindler Pose 7
What a cheeky bastard.

Swindler Pose 6
As for weapon, he got 1 short gun and a cannon that attachable to the shoulder just like Soundwave which make him looks cool.

Swindler Pose 5
Posable? Yes very much.

Swindler Pose 4
Swindler also can balance himself with one leg stand.

Swindler Pose 1
Swindler Pose 2
Yay! (Disclaimer: My wife pose this)

Swindler Pose 3
Just a size comparison between the Oversized Swindler and Thanatos and it make Thanatos really tiny now.

Swindler Jeep Mode 8
Swindler in Vehicle mode.

Swindler Jeep Mode 7
One great thing about them is that all their weapon still attachable in vehicle mode. That will left nothing behind either they are in robot mode, vehicle mode, or combiner mode.

Swindler Jeep Mode 6
Swindler Jeep Mode 5
Swindler Jeep Mode 4
Jeep in action

Swindler Jeep Mode 3
Swindler Jeep Mode 1
Same as Brawl, Swindler has a companion tank as well which will transform to a foot of Bruticus.

Now in combiner mode.
Swindler Combiner Mode 6
Swindler Combiner Mode 5
Swindler Combiner Mode 3
Swindler Combiner Mode 2
Swindler Combiner Mode 4
Nothing much to show case on the combiner mode. Picture itself is much self explanatory.

Swindler Combiner Mode 1
Size comparison as in Combiner mode.

Swindler Combiner Mode 7
Prime side by side with Swindler combiner mode.

That's the end of Swindler post. Stay tune for the next photo review.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Brawl

I am feeling so excited and overwhelmed when I got to know that China toy factory, known as Jinbao replicated the Third Party Transformers from Warbotron - WB01, not just only with a price far more cheaper, as well as they oversized it at least 30% larger than the Original one. Great isn't!
Jinbao Oversized KO Bruticus

However there are reasons why they are called Knock Off (KO). In order to produce in a mass production with such damn lower price, of cause the plastic quality is not as good as Warbotron version. You will also see some of the bits and part missing. Some area with different color scheme. But hey, you get what you pay for. I am happy enough to brought this big guy home as part of the collection!

Jinbao Oversized KO Bruticus
Just to let you see how big the box compared to Prime next to it.

Jinbao Oversized KO Bruticus
Back of the box.

Jinbao Oversized KO Bruticus
They even save the cost by just dumping everyone in one box.

OK. Let's introduce the combaticon one by one.

I will start with Brawl, The Violent, also the Left Leg combiner for Bruticus.
Brawl Front
I got to say, they are so so so posable and photogenic in all way. Same as a tank to Thanatos (aka KillBison) from Transformer Victory, however it is much more slimmer and good body proportion.

Brawl Back
Brawl Back.

Brawl Pose 2
Brawl come with a gun, even though he has a big cannon on the backpack.

Brawl Pose 6
When it is needed, the backpack can detach to become destructive assault riffle and shield.

Brawl Pose 5
As for articulation, he is superb flexible especially after you detach the backpack. The articulation is a masterpiece level itself. The only limitation where he can't his arm in as it getting block by his chest.

Brawl Pose 4
90 degree knee bend pose not an issue.

Brawl Pose 3
He got a wide base foot however it is too loose to my opinion. Sometime this caused him to slippery out from the pose.

Brawl Pose 1
Close shot.

Brawl Tank Mode Front
Transformation to Tank mode is such an easy-pie. Unlike Thanatos again, it is so freaking painful!

Brawl Tank Mode Side
Brawl Tank Mode Back
Brawl Tank Mode
Well, there is nothing much to play when he is on Tank mode.

Brawl Tank Mode
Bruticus feet, as in tank mode as well.

Brawl Combiner Mode 6
As in combiner mode. Again, the transformation is just few flip.

Brawl Combiner Mode 5
Brawl Combiner Mode 4
Brawl Combiner Mode 2
Brawl Combiner Mode 1
The weapon is all attached to it. No one left behind.

Brawl Combiner Mode 3
OK, there is a toe for Bruticus!

The base on the foot, there are finishing with a matt like material to prevent slippery which is really good.
Even though it is Third Party of another Third Party, they give you everything completely. Of cause the coloring and plastic quality is degraded, this is why we are able to get it cheap. Other than that, no complaint at all.