Monday, May 26, 2008

2nd Visit to Singapore

Yeah, this is my 2nd Visit to Singapore after 1 year of my 1st trip. As for last year, my purpose to Singapore is for job hunting. But as for now, I have a mission to accomplish that is to accompany Kanojo to the targeted destination, Kranji. Well, is quite tired to travel far from Seremban to Singapore and Singapore to Seremban just only for 1 day. However, able to send her along the journey is well worth and priceless for me.

We depart from Seremban around 10.30am and Reach Larkin for around 4pm. The bus company from DAMAI claim that it is a Super VIP and Express but we find out is such a crap. This bus is not an express bus cause they stop by at Ayer Hitam and Skudai. This bus is really sucks and waste us alot of time. Moreover, the air-con ain't cool. In the middle of the journey, as usual they will stop and rest at Yong Peng, Lucky Garden. Yeah sure they are lucky cause they charge the food damn expensive. No choice since I'm hungry that time and ordered a plate of Chicken Rice that worth RM5. Wow...

Journey resume and smooth to Larkin but rain start to fall at Johor Bahru. From there, we need to switch bus in order to reach Singapore. From Malaysia Custom to Singapore Custom then to Kranji. Once we came down from the bus, our friend is already waiting there. Thanks to my friend, I feel more relief and no worry to leave her at Singapore. They are now roommate and there's nothing to worry about. On that time is around 4.30pm, I quickly rush back to Larkin hope to get 5pm bus ticket. As expected, I reach there around 4.50pm and immediately run to Plus Liner counter and ask for the availability. Unfortunately, there's only 7.30pm left. No choice but to ride back DAMAI Express which cost me for RM45!!! What they told me is that this is the last ticket for 5.00pm. Money VS Time. It's all fate...

Again I fall into the lousy Express bus that unable to hit 100 KM/h speed. Right after I get into my seat, my friend named Raj where we just get to know that time spend a lot of time complaining everything about the bus and company. This time is more worst, I depart from Larkin around 5pm and reach Seremban on 10pm. The worst part is that the air-con for this bus broke down!!! From cool air become warm air. Is this what we deserve to pay RM45 for this special souna treatment. Is ridiculous! Because of this, the bus force to stop at Linggi Resting Area and check for the problem. As I know, from Linggi to Seremban still left around 44 KM. Too bad. After checking and wasting our time for more than half hour. They need to go onward as they unable to fix the problem. What a crap experience...

After a while finally Seremban Exit signboard shown and my miserable life end here. When I reach, I still need to rush back to Serdang as my housemate is waiting me for dinner? or should I say Supper cause is already 11++pm once I reach Serdang. Thanks guys, for being patiently waiting for me. Ended up our dinner/supper at Equine Park KFC.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mega Zarak, The Terrorcon!

Model: Scorponok (US), MegaZarak (JP)
Generation: Transformers Energon (US), Transformers Superlink (JP)
Code: SD-05
Price: RM170
Manufacturer: Hasbro (US), TAKARA (JP)
Shop: From Ebay, CoD:

As you can see from the displayed box below. This model is manufactured by Hasbro hence it's called Scorponok instead of MegaZarak. Actually I wish to purchase TAKARA SD-05 MegaZarak but is very hard to search. So I ended up getting this model for only RM170. This is the cheapest model that I can get up to now among all the others transformers that I have. Somemore this is my first time purchase an item from ebay and I found it very interesting. Compare to the actual shop owner, ebay seller is negotiable and the price is reasonable.

Let us go through the review of this model now.

Front Box:

Back Box:

Upper Box:

Robot Mode:

Megazarak with an unique lens that able to scan through everything.

Scorpion Deathly Claw that destroy everything.

Behold, the weapon from end of the sting that can be adjust.

Beast Mode:

Beast Mode (Back):

Beast Mode (Front)

Beast Mode (Side):

Beast Mode (Upper):

Jet Mode:

Jet Mode (Back):

Jet Mode (Side):

I'm the King of the Beast!

Missile Launcher in the middle of the Deathly Claw.

Specification Card:

MegaZarak holding Galvatron's Sword.

Galvatron fighting hard to get back the Sword from MegaZarak!

MegaZarak grabbing Galvatron Tank Launcher...

...and bite it with poisonous fang!

My Collection up to now.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Untitled ~Happy 2nd Anniversary!~


ハピー 2nd アニバサリー!!!

ずっと ずっと 愛する。。。


Sunday, May 4, 2008

2nd and 3rd of MAY

This blog entry is basically a small event that happened in 2nd and 3rd of May.
2nd May 2008: Ampang Look Out Point

First of all, I would like to thanks my friend, Jason Tang who tell us the existing on this place. If not, I will not ended to have such a nice and beautiful view of dinner. Well, before we reach there it give us quite a headache as the route is not as easy as you see in Google Earth. We start to move once I fetch Kanojo at Serdang KTM and the time is 8.20PM. Ok, at first I quite confident with the route I take until I reach Ampang Point. There's alot of traffice lights around and is very hard to figure out where to turn as I remembered we need to take two turn before reach Look Out Point. Damn, as expected.. I started to confuse and keep on round and round within Ampang Point. Actually what I worry is out of petrol only. Haha. After get lost for almost 15 minutes, we decided to ask people that stay nearby. OK. once information gathered, we start to try out our luck as the people there is talking crap. Then at last, we reach the entrance and it take us almost 2 hours from Serdang to Ampang Look Out Point! Damn hungry and it's already 10.15PM. This is not the worst. The worst is we need to take a damn high and far stairway in order to get into the restaurant! What the hell...

Once reach the top (I fell like taking Batu Cave stairway), damn exhausted and hungry. The 1st restaurant that appear in our vision is Gasoline. Well, since Gasoline can be find easily in TBS and Sungai Wang, so we try to find out something special and after a few consideration, Bread and Olives Cafe is our selection.

Yeah, can't wait anymore and straight away we order what we can.

B & O Flava Layers and Hot Chocolate

Ye Ole Fish 'N Chip

Mexcican Chicken (Shawarma)

Hmmm, the food is so so. But that's only a part of enjoyment. The main point we are here is to view the so called KL night view. However, too bad that I do not owe a good camera with me. With my K810i, this is the only crap that my camera with 3.2 pixel able to captured.

Although the photo is unclear and blur, but the real image that captured in our memory is forever and priceless. Beside taking photo, enjoying meals and talking bullshit. I can't think of any other activities that we can do it here. Anyway, we enjoy alot too.

3rd May 2008: KLCC Haagen Dazs

As for this day, we reserve all the time slot to accompany my parents that come to KL for holidays. My brother wish to go Kinokuniya that located in KLCC so I meet up my parents at Tower Records. Once they arrive, nothing to visit but just bring them walking around inside and outside KLCC as there's nothing special here. After visiting for around 15 minutes, then we entered Kinokuniya as requested by brother. Hmmm, they spent quite a long time inside here viewing and browsing the books around especially my brothers. I worried that my mum feel bored inside here so I decided to bring my mum to look around rather than stay inside Kinokuniya which is not her favourite place. After a few discussion, finally we found out a place to eat and rest plus they never try before.

Here's the place:

Last time I heard that Fondue is quite special so we ordered it for a try.
A mini scoop that even smaller than Wall's mini poopers. Too bad...
Me and my Mum

Don't go for Fondue, this my opinion to all of my friend. Not worth to spend alot on this so called fondue. Go for Baskin Robin!
Fine, after all is my first try on this fondue and there's no second time! At the end, it's time to go back and I fetch them to my relative house (Puchong) waiting for dinner to come. :)