Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Car Get Clamped!

After a month of free parking inside my very own apartment, finally my car get notice by the owner and then reported to security guard.

Hence this is what happen to my car:

RM50 to unclamp the car? Holy Shit! This is Damn expensive! Curse the managament and owner!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hooray! 101 Entries - New Template Created!

Yes! 101 entries were posted since I last started this blog on December and now already reach that far.

For this template, the main theme is focus on Gold and Black colour which resemble my Adidas Watch that Kanojo bought to me as a present. Well, about the Japanese word on my page header. It means "Lloyd Little Love Story". I know the description and the theme do not match, but somehow this description means a lot to me. Hence, I added some ray lance to reflect the feel of hope and destiny where I always believe in. Haha.

About the design, I also not sure what I'm drawing here but everything follow my own instinct. To describe it accurately, this design is more on Vector which I'm using two vector brushes to design it.

C&C are always welcome! Hope you will like it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Awful Lunch in Sunway Pyramid@Tony Roma's

Last Saturday I went to Sunway Pyramid for shopping again. And this time, we wish to try some new restaurant that we do not visit before.But before that, What surprise me the most is that I saw a shop which selling Cream Puff! If you watch Zettai Kareshi before, then you will know what is Cream Puff. Never expected I can taste it on Sunway. The shop name is Beard Papa which located on LG2.37. If you feel free please have a try. Is really a damn tastiest Pastry I ever had.

Proceed to the restaurant, this is where we go: Italian Steaks, Tony Roma's

And this is the menu for the day.

Hmmm. the environment and setting looks good. Outside the windows is where we can saw Sunway Lagoon below.

And this me waiting for the lunch.

Waiting patiently..

Just after the order, they will serve Garlic Bread for free as a starter.

Subsequently, here come our main dishes. Is something similar with Kenny Rogers whereby you are required to choose two side items for each main menu you selected.

Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Chicken Grilled Chicken. Side Item: Cole Slaw, French Fries
For me, I really regreted for ordering this stuff. Is smell like gastric juice. The smell just as the same as when you vomit. Argh, Terrible. However this is just my own opinion, no offend to the owners of this restaurant.

Grilled King Klip with Tomate Pesto Topping. Side Item: Loaded Smashed Potatoes, Ranch Style Beans
This menu is considerable. Just that the Ranch Style Beans is very salty.
Well, I'm not sure about the other menu but for the one 1 choose is really out my list. Argh, think of the smell makes me feel like wanna vomit. :S

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Binaltech! RX-8 Mazda Speed Version II

Model: Argent Meister (Jazz)
Car Model: RX-8 Mazda Speed Version II
Generation: Transformers Binaltech
Code: BT-20
Price: RM130
Manufacturer: TAKARA TOMY
Shop: From shell Staff, CoD

How do I purchase this item? Let me tell ya, is kinda coincident that my current team, there is one engineer that is also a fans of Transformers. Well, I notice this from his facebook Photo Album. Then we just make some comment to the photo and he tell me that all of his transformers is purchase from Shell Staff too. I kinda surprise that time. His friend, CJ selling transformers as a part time job. Hence, I take this opportunity to ask him is there any nice stuff and of course the cheapest price that I can get from him. Sadly, the model that I wanted so much is out of stock, BT-06. Thus, after make some review of this model, I think is quite nice for collection too so I decided to purchase from him.

OK. let us go for some review of this model. Usually the model from binaltech is a die cast series, which is made by metal. Therefore the weight for this model is quite heavy compare to my other transformers which is only made by plastic. Moreover. Every Binaltech series will have it's own unique car model. As you can see from the phot, very obvious it is a RX-8 Mazda Speed Version II.

Bottom of the box shows the story of Transformers Binaltech Story in Japanese Language.

Heartbreaking! I only notice this after I paid the money. There's a serious dented on the side corner.

Out from box including the manual.

Autobot logo or shall we call it Cybertron since is a Japanese manufactured.

Car Mode:

Front Mazda Logo.

Back Mazda Logo with the word Mazda RX-8

The capability to open all the doors and bonnet.

Close view of the engine.

Clear details of the inner car.

Tyre made by Cybertronian.

Argent Meister Weapon (Gun), which is the car eksoz.


Proudly from Cybertron.

The hand with the ability to open and close.

The neck ability to move up and down.

My overall collection up to now.

But.. 5 Destron VS 1 Cybertron... Is kinda of unfair ya.

Transforms and roll out! Argent Meister is the smallest among all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let's Go Ice Skating!

Just a short update on my recent lifestyle. Sunday is boring as ever so decided to go Sunway for an Ice Skating with my housemate. We reach Sunway around 12pm and straightaway looking for some nice restaurant to full up our stomach. So, Sushi Groove is one of our selection for today.

Here is what I ordered.

Crispy Ginger Chicken on rice.

Tokyo Storm

Wasabi Ice Cream. (This stuff is really great! I eat not more than half, I give up the whole cup. Is kinda wasted...)

From what you see below is the foods that ordered by my friend which I also tested.

Mayonnaise Dream Roll. (This one is nice! On top of the sushi is a mixture of salmon and crab flavour souce that make it so delicious)

Flying Fish Roll

Overall, this lunch is damn nice and worth.
Yeah, is time for Ice skating. On the way to Main Hall, there's a Mazda exhibition on going.

Hence, I take this oppurtunity to test the car.

I'm purchasing this car, Mazda MX-5. However I do not have enough cash so I give up. Haha.

Afer playing fool over there, finally we reach Ice Skating field.

Too bad that no one is able to help me take photo, thus no photo can be shown over here. But the skating experience is really great. I've been Ice skating for several time but still a noob. Just know how to walk, how to run and know how to break. Next time definately I will learn how to Skate back forward. Haha. Cool!