Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TFC Hades H-04 Rhadamanthus (aka Leozack)

Rhadamanthus or also known as Leozack from the original Transformers Victory. He is also the leader for the beast force and an upper torso of Liokaiser.

Rhadamanthus Box Front
I owned this guy before when I was still in primary school. That time this Victory series was a big hit in Japan. That is also the time where you are able to buy Transformers toys easily.

Rhadamanthus Box Back
This guy is a bad ass. Not only himself look full of characteristic, but also the design fit him so well.

Rhadamanthus Instruction

The instruction, power card, lion breast and also the spare part for the peg hole.

Rhadamanthus Front
Look at this guy again, not bulky, not too slim, just nice. muscular. Especially the wing flipped up which I like the most about him.

Rhadamanthus Side
Rhadamanthus Side View

Rhadamanthus Back
Rhadamanthus Back View.

Rhadamanthu's pet, Lion-Breast.

Rhadamanthus Jet Mode
Rhadamanthus Jet Mode

Rhadamanthus Jet Mode Side
Rhadamanthus Jet Mode Side View with the wheel extendable. Same like Minos, the cockpit can be open as well.

Rhadamanthus Jet Mode Front
The true fighter jet.

Rhadamanthus Jet Mode Fly
Ascending flying up high.

Rhadamanthus Jet Mode Close View
Close View with Lion-Breast transformed to Weapon.

Jet with Minos
Comparison with Minos also in Jet Mode.Totally different type of Jet.

Rhadamanthus Combiner Mode Front
Leozack, transformed to Liokaiser upper torso. Perfect head sculpture! Perfectly mimicking and bring out the true nature of Liokaiser!

Rhadamanthus Combiner Mode Side
Combiner Mode Side View.

Rhadamanthus Combiner Mode Back
Combiner Mode Back View.

Rhadamanthus Pose 8
Come at me bro! For the posing, might not as easy like Thanatos or Cerberus which having a large base. Required some patient for this guy.

Rhadamanthus Pose 7
Eventually still managed to get some side kick pose.

Rhadamanthus Pose 6
There is one disadvantage especially on his waist which he can't make 45degree turn. Mayb 20degree still possible.

Rhadamanthus Pose 5
Look at his face, smirking smiley bastard. So full of confident being a leader huh.

Rhadamanthus Pose 4

Rhadamanthus Pose 3
Rhadamanthus Pose 2
Rhadamanthus Pose 1

Let go buddy and hunt some Autobots.

Yes, this is actually the one I owned many years back. I am very grateful that TFC decided to make this project and fulfilled all the Liokaiser fan dream come true.Thanks TFC!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

TFC Hades H-03 Cerberus (aka Jallguar)

Cerberus, or also known as Jallguar in Transformers Victory was lower torso for Liokaiser.

Ceberus Box Front
Ceberus Box Back

As you can see from the back box, it illustrated how he merged with Upper torso, which I have yet to review.

This time, I captured it differently to show the instruction box and also the power card separately. Again another simple packaging from TFC.
Ceberus Instruction

Cerberus do not have a slim body like Minos (aka Hellbat) or muscular like Thanatos (aka Killbison), rather is more shorter and square-ish
Ceberus Front

Front side, you can't even see his head because of his board shoulder.
Ceberus Side

Front back looks fine.
Ceberus Back

JaguarBreast. I wanted to make feel like roaring but from the photo below it more looks like "ouwh, help me, I'm dying...". Maybe I shouldn't lift up his leg. Bad mov

Cerberus transformed to Vehicle Mode with missile launcher. Front and back tyres can be rotate.
Cerberus Vehicle 4

Surprisingly he looks good in his vehicle mode, at least not square-ish anymore.
Cerberus Vehicle 3
Cerberus Vehicle 2

JaguarBreast transformed into a weapon and attached to Cerberus.
Cerberus Vehicle 1

As a lower torso of Liokaiser, Cerberus really took a a lot of pressure to support the upper torso and two Liokaiser Arm. Alot of consideration and factor need to ensure that Cerberus can be build tough to withstand the force. Maybe this explained why he look so square-ish for that reason.
Cerberus Combiner 3

Combiner port that will use to combine Liokaiser Leg.
Cerberus Combiner 2

Back Lower Torso with wheel transformed to Butt? Well done TFC!
Cerberus Combiber 1

Cerberus is the only one can perform this pose. Trust Me. None of my Takara Masterpiece can even perform this kind of Pose which make me even impressed.
Ceberus Pose 5
Ceberus Pose 4

Unfortunately, balancing not really on his side. Cerberus do not have board feet and weak foot support. However with many attempt I still manage to make him stand with single leg.
Ceberus Pose 2

This is how I train my pet.
Ceberus Pose 1

Transformation of this guy is the most easiest compared to the rest. No hard bend and no hidden part.

G1 Vehicle mode more identical to the Original if compared to TFC.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

TFC Hades H-02 Thanatos (aka Killbison)

Introduce you, H-02 Thanatos!, also known as Killbison in Transformers Victory series. I might not mentioned this in the previous post, as a Third party company, they are not allow to use the original name nor the Decepticon logo printed in the body. Too bad.

Thanatos Box Front
TFC Hades H-02 Thanatos Front Box

Box in bad condition. Unknown damage, however get RM20 deducted from original price as a token of apologies.

Thanatos Box Back
TFC Hades H-02 Thanatos Back Box

As usual from TFC, single picture explained the transformation in a cycle.

Thanatos Instruction Book
In the box, comes with Instruction box and power card.

Thanatos Front
Thanatos Front View. Looks muscular which match his personality as a military tank. However from side and back view look too square with no curve like Minos.

Thanatos Side
Thanatos Side View. As said, look square. Unlike Minos slim and sexy.

Thanatos Back
Thanatos Back View. Much be heavy wearing such a big back pack.

Thanatos Breast-Force
Thanatos Breast-Force that transformed to a Bull. Well suit the name of Killbison.

Thanatos Tank 4
Thanatos transformed to a Tank

Thanatos Tank 1
Breast-Force can even attached to Thanatos in Tank mode as weapon.

Thanatos Tank 3
Side View

Thanatos Tank 2
Front View

Thanatos Combiner 3
Combiner mode. Thanatos act as Right leg for Liokaiser.

Thanatos Combiner 1
Thanatos Combiner 2
Combiner port that will be attach to the bottom torso. Every part was well hidden and compact that increased the level of difficulty in the transformation. Indeed this toy is definitely not for kids anymore. Box also mentioned this toy is for 16 and above. Go home and play your barbie doll kids!

Thanatos Pose 6
The cannon at the back are adjustable but with only up and down axis.

Thanatos Close View
Close view on Thanatos.

The posing of this guy is not as flexible compare to Minos. Only limited movement.

Thanatos Pose 5
Thanatos Pose 4
Thanatos Pose 2
Thanatos Pose 1
Searching for Autobot and kill!

Thanatos Pose 3
Regarding on the stability, not a problem cause he got a big bulky base.

Thanatos Minos
Almost the same height as Minos.

 Close enough.