Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Big Disappointed News

Is a bit surprise that recently the new coming tales series non of them is release on PS2 platform.

As mentioned before, Tales of Vesperia is already release on XBox 360 last few week which is on 07th August 2008.

I watched the trailer and demo in YouTube. Oww man, the graphics are damn nice. Really wish it will be release on PS2 but that is impossible. Besides, there is a news I heard that it might release on PS3 in future but still not in confirmation yet.

Other than that, Tales of Symphonia - The Knight of Ratatosk also been release on Nintendo Wii since 26th June 2008.

In Malaysia, I still can't find any game shop that selling this RPG. All they have is just a crap piece of game.

Move to the next series, Tales of Hearts.

The official date is yet to confirm but will be around December 2008, on Nintendo DS. From what I saw, this tales is divided into 2 category which is CG and anime. As for me, the character in CG looks awful.. Totally out of mind. As I'm a fan of "Tales of..", I don't think this game is suitable for CG development.

From what I heard from my brother, there is another Tales series which is still in discussion, Tales of Phantasia - The Next Story which will be release on Nintendo Wii. I've tried to google about this tales series but zero results. So I can't really confirm about this. So, we just wait and see what Namco will bring to us in future.

Well.. Apart from tales series, let me talk about other RPG game which belongs to Square-Enix. Star Ocean 4 - The Last Hope which will be release on XBox 360.

Release date is yet to know. However demos and trailers is now available for preview. Especially in YouTube. I'm a fans on Star Ocean too and what I can say is this game is damn great! Despite of Story line, Magic, Skill or Battle option, they have their own unique of view. I have completed Star Ocean 2 and 3. Star Ocean 1 is still in deep sleep inside my Home PC. But I believe I will start the game very soon once I have my gaming mood back. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Friday 8 August 2008:

This is where I start, wake up on 8.30am and walk out to take public bus that straightaway reach PuduRaya Station. First time ride on the double storey bus and sitting on the front Panel. Cool~

Is time to start a boring journey which it takes around 5-6 hours to reach the destination. Singapore here I come again! Incidentally, today midnight Singapore is celebrating their National Day. I guess it would be fun and crowded all along the street. Just as I expected, by the time I reach Singapore Custom, the queue is damn long as I need to stand there for more than half an hour to pass through the custom.

My bus start at 12pm and reach my destination, Beach Road on 6.30pm. Once I reach immediately I went to the counter and collect my return ticket which cost me $35. Then just waiting my Kanojo to fetch me. After a few discussion, we decided to go Bugis for Dinner. This is what we have here.

Salmon Omelette Curry Rice

At first we planned to go Esplanade for Singapore National Day Count Down but it seems like there will be a hell large of people celebrating too. Hence, we give up on the plan and go ahead to other destination which is East Coast Park.

BBQ area which need about $200 per occasion.

Wonder what is this all about... Kinda like Alien Space ship. The fact this is a Tub.

What about this? Hourglass? I really can't figure out...

There's still a lot of weird stuff along the park however this is really a nice place for couple to have a walk. If you come on Afternoon 5-6 pm, you will saw a lot of people riding bicycles and roller skate all around. I even saw that during night time. Incredibly Healthy life style huh. Nice sea view with comfortable wind and wave sound. This place is quite near to the Harbour so you will be able to see all the Ships and Cruise queueing for custom checking.

Saturday 9 August 2008:

As planned, this is the place I always wish to visit. Therefore, today full time only on this Sentosa island! At this point, HarbourFront Tower Two for the Cabel Car Ticketing Counter.

Sentosa Package Promotion.

Go up...

And here we are inside the cabel car now.

Kanojo standing infront of the Tiger Sky Tower which consist about 50floor height.

We are finding our way to Underwater World now.

There’s four type of buses that which they differentiate it using different colors. Just stay in the correct track it will bring you to the destination.

Here's the Main stage.

Here's the Second Hall which showing us all the living fossils as well as almost distinct sea creatures.

Here we are in the way Sea Angel. What is this?

Required 2 Celsius degree to stay alive.

Here's the description about Sea Angel.

Japanese Giant Spider Crab... The size is really big compare to other tiny crab.

And now here we in the Jelly World.

Transparent, Soft and what great is their glowing body changable from Blue to Red, Red to Yellow and Yellow to Green. It this the fact or the management already build a light inside the glass to make it more interesting.

Just before 3.30pm we need to leave the underwater world as there is another Dolphin shows at Dolphin Lagoon which is far away from here.

The Dolphin show already started when the time we reach. I really impress with the show especially the Dolphin is really well trained. Smart, intelligent, tame and cute too. The way the dolphin wave its Flipper. So cute~

The show ended quite fast and the time just 4.30pm. According to the map there's a Dragon Mountain that we wish to take a look so here we are now.

Indeed a Dragon Entrance here.

Don't ever get cheated by this direction board.

Up to the mountain, frankly speaking this place is not as great we saw from the map. However, there's still some worth value here where you need to climb to the highest peak and enjoy the view here.

After spending whole day without air-con and burn under the sun, is time to quit and get back to nearest Shopping Center. VIVO City.

Really unexpected, I can saw a giant Master Galvatron here inside Toy r Us. But it looks like his right hand suffer a lot of damage.

Not far behind from Master Galvatron Masterpiece, you will also able to see Freedom Gundam Model. Just wonder how large is the scale.

Up to this point, everyone also started to get tired and is time to get back home have a good rest.

Sunday 10 August 2008:

Is time to get back KL. My bus schedule is 3.30pm however they remain us to get to the pick up point on 3pm for registration. Depart from my friend house around 11am. Wait for my kanojo together for lunch.

Sakae Sushi

All the menu are submited via PC. What you need to do is key in the quantity order and press submit, that all. Save time save people.

Chicken Shiogayaki Don.

Unatama Don

The food here is considerable and recommended too. Thus, we just spending the remaining time here chatting, laughing and enjoying this moment before I leave Singapore. I really enjoyed the time this few days with Kanojo. Hope to meet you soon!