Sunday, October 1, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Blast Off

Blast Off, The Egotistical, also the Right Arm combiner of Mighty Bruticus.

Blast Off Pose 5

He is less my favor and not too posable due to the arm structure that block a lot of possible articulation.

Blast Off Pose 6

He himself is quite full loaded with weapon such as missile launcher, winged blade, and cannon pistol which detachable.

Blast Off Pose 4
Blast Off Pose 3
Blast Off Pose 2
Blast Off Pose 1

The missile launcher got some weight on it which cause the pose even harder as the elbow hinge not tight.

However, Blast Off in Rocket mode look cool. The transformation itself look neat.
Blast Off Rocket Mode 4
Blast Off Rocket Mode 5
Blast Off Rocket Mode 3
Blast Off Rocket Mode 2
Blast Off Rocket Mode 1

Fully pack and concealed.

Blast Off combiner Mode
Blast Off Combiner Mode 4
Blast Off Combiner Mode 3
Blast Off Combiner Mode 2
Blast Off Combiner Mode 1

Friday, September 15, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Vortex

Vortex, The Unhinged, and also the Left Arm combiner of Bruticus.

Vortex Pose 10

He is named unhinged for a reason. This dude is dangerous as he carried a lot of deadly weapon. From blade to twin blade,  from missiles to gun and to Cannon launcher.

Vortex Pose 1
Vortex Pose 4
Vortex Pose 7
Vortex Pose 6

Despite his thin symmetric pointy foot, he is very posable and photogenic which you will see here.
Vortex Pose 14
Vortex Pose 13
Feel my wrath

Vortex Pose 11

Vortex Pose 9Vortex Pose 8
Is time for a kill...

Vortex Pose 5
Let settle this off.

Vortex Pose 3

Vortex Pose 2

Awesome isn't it? I just can't get tired posing him and keep on come out with an interesting manga anime alike pose for him. lol. Well, that's all for Vortex on Robot mode.

Let's transform to Copter mode.

Vortex Helicopter Mode 3
Vortex Helicopter Mode 2
Vortex Helicopter Mode 1
Vortex Helicopter Mode 4
Comparison between Leozack Jet Mode, Vortex far more superior of cause.

Lastly, the left arm which hold the strength of Bruticus.
Vortex Combiner Mode 1
Vortex Combiner Mode 2
Vortex Combiner Mode 3
Unlike Oversized Feral Rex, Jinbao kind enough to give us the palm exactly like the original version. This make what oversized KO worth the price!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Swindler

Swindler, The Con Man, also the Right Leg Combiner for Bruticus.

Swindler Pose 9
He is one of my favorite character. He is only one of the member that have a cheeky smile that really boost up his characteristic as a con master.

Swindler Pose 10
He also got a great coloring scheme that make him stand out. Body proposition, no complaint at all. Being a KO product, Swindler still perfectly crafted with no slightly sign of defect.

Swindler Pose 7
What a cheeky bastard.

Swindler Pose 6
As for weapon, he got 1 short gun and a cannon that attachable to the shoulder just like Soundwave which make him looks cool.

Swindler Pose 5
Posable? Yes very much.

Swindler Pose 4
Swindler also can balance himself with one leg stand.

Swindler Pose 1
Swindler Pose 2
Yay! (Disclaimer: My wife pose this)

Swindler Pose 3
Just a size comparison between the Oversized Swindler and Thanatos and it make Thanatos really tiny now.

Swindler Jeep Mode 8
Swindler in Vehicle mode.

Swindler Jeep Mode 7
One great thing about them is that all their weapon still attachable in vehicle mode. That will left nothing behind either they are in robot mode, vehicle mode, or combiner mode.

Swindler Jeep Mode 6
Swindler Jeep Mode 5
Swindler Jeep Mode 4
Jeep in action

Swindler Jeep Mode 3
Swindler Jeep Mode 1
Same as Brawl, Swindler has a companion tank as well which will transform to a foot of Bruticus.

Now in combiner mode.
Swindler Combiner Mode 6
Swindler Combiner Mode 5
Swindler Combiner Mode 3
Swindler Combiner Mode 2
Swindler Combiner Mode 4
Nothing much to show case on the combiner mode. Picture itself is much self explanatory.

Swindler Combiner Mode 1
Size comparison as in Combiner mode.

Swindler Combiner Mode 7
Prime side by side with Swindler combiner mode.

That's the end of Swindler post. Stay tune for the next photo review.