Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perhentian Trip 3D2N

Perhentian Island Sunset 7:06PM - Panoramic View

At last, after half year planning, finally we step our foot on the sand of Perhentian Island for 3 Days 2 Night. I should said this is a very successful event. No flight/ship delay, no Sea Sickness, no bad weather, free injured and good team arrangement.

This is the list of activities that we have in Perhentian Island.

Day 1: Arrival, Snorkeling and Sunset Viewing.
Reach our resort around 11.13AM and check in our luggage. After having some lunch, we went back to room and sleep until 3PM. I kinda agree that our team is sleep more than play. Yeah although we sleep a lot but we participate in every event that organize by the resort. 3PM there are some snorkeling training and guide on how to use the gears. The water is crystal clear but freaking salty. A lot of colorful fish and coral. It is just wonderful to live inside the world of sea. Too bad that my camera do not have housing. Or else we can capture a lot of under sea photos. 4.30PM, we have our tea time and wait until 6.30PM for Sunset viewing. It is really amazing view. But yet there's quite a lot of cloud that blocked the sun. We spent almost an hour viewing the sunset and keep on capturing photos. Is a good memorable scene. At night, the sky is full with star and it is a very beautiful starry starry night.

Day 2: Snorkeling (Coral Area, Turtle Area and Shark Area) and Windmill Viewing
Wake up at 9AM and have some breakfast. After some preparing, is time to sail out to sea for snorkeling event. They will bring us to 3 point. Coral Area: The sea is full with coral and colorful fishy around. Turtle Area: As the turtle swim damn fast (200 KM/J), I'm unable to saw any of them unless the turtle came out breathing. Shark Area: Very disappointed. Totally freak out. No shark at all. Few of my friends encounter it. From what they describe, the shark is a big as my friend. I think is around 173cm long. Terrible. After snorkeling, we went back to our room and sleep again until tea time at 4.30PM. 5.30PM will need to jungle trekking in order to reach the Windmill. It spent around 20minutes to reach the top. The first 10minutes, we kinda regretted to participate on this event. But once we reach the top, the breeze wind blow upon us and a magnificent wide sea and mountain scenery just appear right in front of us change our mind immediately. All the tiredness gone. We spent almost 2 hours on top of the hill and do not wish to came down. It is just too comfortable. No choice but to went back from dinner. Is night time again and is time to sleep.

Day 3: Free and Easy and Check Out
I don't have much to share on Day 3 cause is already end of the holiday. No mood jor. Back to KL, no clear sky, full with haze, hot and dry. Is hell!!!

Click here for more photos here: Perhentian Trip @ Terengganu

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rest In Piece (R.I.P)

Condolence to my GigaByte GA-73PVM-S2H Motherboard as well as my Intel C2D E4500 Processor. R.I.P at 19th June 2009, 09.36PM. Reason of death: Insufficient Watt, this effect processor's fan to turn very slow and thus, cause Over Heat and Burnt to death.

This giving me a great shock and until now I still unable to accept this reality. I really love this board. With 6 Channel Audio, HDMI support, DVI-D output and Nvidia GeForce Built-in Graphic card! Nevertheless, my processor is being drag to hell as well. Once they RIP, sure there's one thing I must do. I need to spend bloodly hell sum amount of money to brought the new one for replacement! No more budget allocated for this, I just hope to get something cheap enough to replace and operate my CPU.

So, I downgraded from C2D to Dual Core.

And Gigabyte to Asus P5KPL-AM Motherboard. What great about this AM have 8 Channel Audio and 5000 Solid Capacitors. But still downgraded from DVI-D to VGA and Nvidia to Intel Integrated.

No more complains! No money no talk, this is the rules! However, I'm still testing out the performance on this AM and hope it turns out positive. I can say that my CPU is totally new now. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Photo Shooting @ Putrajaya

Putrajaya - Panoramic View

After getting my new gadget for around 5 days, finally I get myself to Putrajaya for the first Photo Shooting Session. Grabbing my Gear+SAL1870 and Tripod (which is damn important to shoot night scene) drive the whole way to Putrajaya after work. Here, I explored myself in a City of Lights.

The first lesson that I learned is that Tripod is the mostly used equipment especially to capture night scene. By setting the lowest ISO (100) to reduce noise and long exposure time to absorb all necessary lights is needed. Since long exposure time (8sec-15sec) need a stable and steady hand, it would be impossible for our hand to stay still for at least 15sec without any hand shake. Hence, tripod is needed.

I have created a Flickr account which is mainly to post up my photos.

You can get a view by clicking on this link: First Photo Shooting @ Putrajaya
More events and photos will be coming soon. C&C are always welcome :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Cafe@1Utama

Yes! after a long awaiting and patient, finally I get myself to dining at Garden Cafe which is on 1 Utama.

I could say that this Cafe is superb. Especially their decoration, scenery and environment that give us a feeling of relaxing, rejuvenate and enjoyable. It's more like the Full House at NZX.

Garden Menu is creative as well. They create it more like a storybook instead of those boring plain menu.

Deep Fried Calamari With Spicy Tomato Caulis: This one not bad, worth to try it.

Grilled New Zealand Rack of Lamb: Hmmm taste bad. The lamb too raw cause the meat too hard to chew. At last you will found out most of the meat will be splited out.

Butter Ginger Dory Fish: Tasteless!

Chef Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup: Is just a normal mushroom soup.

About their food, I'm personally felt it a bit disappointed. Maybe their chef is in bad condition or whatever la. The main menu that we ordered is damn bad taste. Except the Snack Calamari, that the one we felt worth it.

After done with our lunch, coincident there is an event for Nutox products. Guess who is on the photo?
Yeap, is Bernice Liew. I can say that her real person is different from what we saw her on HK drama. Anyway, I'm not a fan of her. Just coincident then join the crowd in front and captured few photo of her.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clinique for Men

My face, consider as an oily and a very sensitive skin type. Hope that this facial product can cure my pores and pimple. So I give it a try by purchase a starter kit (contains Cleaner, Toner and Moisturizer)

Apart from starter kit, I also brought Scrub as well.

But after a month of testing, hereby I officially certified that this product is not suit my skin. Revert back to my previously used facial skin supplies. :)