Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sudden Malacca Trip

Why does is sound so sudden?

Yeah. This is because Malacca Trip is not the place that I really plan to go instead, I only plan to go Seremban for some bus ticket reservation. However since we already reach Seremban, is not a bad idea to Malacca by taking additional 1hour route.

And so, here we are. This photo is taken at the same time I'm driving too. Dangerous huh.. No worry, the car is jamming at that moment. Haha.

Skip breakfast, as this is our first meal. There's a rumour saying that chicken rice is one of their famous local food. We are right infront of the shop now and waiting to try their famous Hainan Chicken Rice.

Crazy amount of people queueing here just for a plate of Hainan Chicken Rice? Bravo! By looking at the people around the shop, I do believe they are really famous.

Guess what? Ignore the chicken there as I lazy to remove it from the plate. Is not a fish ball or meat ball or sotong ball. Open guess, this is their rice ball!!! Surprise ya. Each person will be serve with 5 rice ball but I guarentee you will add another 5 rice ball later. Well it is just not full enough for us.

After finish our lunch, is time for a walk. I'm taking post here and what the heck is that guy doing inside this frame licking on his ais cream with such a horny face. Darn, he spoiled my photo! Haiz, after all he's my housemate.

Together with me, my housemate with a nickname Littleway.

Holy cow! this Beca is terrible funny. Decorated with flowers and some even come with Speakers! Cool.

I don't have any idea on who is this guy but I believe he is one of the member of Saint Paul's Church.

The Tomb Stone.

Here we are, historical A'famosa.

Combat gears that belong to Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat.

Chevrolet, that belong to Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Our next destination is to ride this Menara Taming Sari Melaka, which is 80 meter height. Please talk a closer look on the ticket.

Type: Chinese/Adult

What exactly is this mean? If type = malay will get a cheapear price? Anyway, one person RM10 per ride.

This will be our last destination. Maritime Museum, this unique museum is housed in a replica of the Flor de la mar, a Portuguese vessel that sank off the Melaka coast. Inside the museum are models of ships, authentic maps, old iron chests and charts.

Beside me, the historical man: Alfonso da Albuquerque.

That's all the place we visit during the trip to Malacca. Or perhaps, you should visit this too.
Malacca McBoy and McGirl toilet Sign. Interesting...

Friday, September 26, 2008

For Cheese Lover - The Loaf

Yesterday night I went to my auntie house to visit my mum and grandma as they travel far to KL just to see a new born baby which gift birth by my cousin's wife. Around 10pm, my cousin's sister came back home from office and guess what. She brought a box of cheese cake that contains six of it. The cheese cake is brought from The Loaf, Pavillion and unexpectedly it is owned by former Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Too bad I forget to take a photo on those cheese cake. Therefore I'm capturing a screenshot from the website and post it here.

As I mentioned just now, there is 6 pieces in one box and I have highlighted it on the screenshot. Yet I only about to taste on 3 of them which is Harmonious Green Tea, Nourishing Orange and Glitzy Strawberries. Each flavour has it own taste. For me, Harmonious Green tea contain a little bit of bitter taste from the first bite. Sweet for the Nourishing Orange and Sweet and Sour for the Glitzy Strawberries.

If compare with Secret Recipy, I may say that Secret recipy cheese cake contains more cheese flavour than Uhuhu. For Uhuhu Cheese cake, it soft, creamy and melting went it enter to your mouth. It's always feel good from the first bite but I'm not dare to try to second attempt. Haha.

For my friend who already bored of Secret Recipy style, you may go there for a try. I'm not sure about the price cause I'm eating free stuff. Anyway, Let's say cheese!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tales of Abyss - The Animation

Argh! I'm too excited for this. Tales of Abyss, the RPG from Namco is going to release soon in Animation!

What surprised me is that it has been announced to become a 26 episode anime, done by Sunrise and will start airing in October!

Look back to the previous Tales of ... Anime just consists of 4-6 episode. Some more the storyline is not fully explained. This is really unbelievable that Tales of Abyss will consists of 26 episode. Oh my God, can't wait to watch it now.

Official site:

P.S: For those who have PlayStation 2, it is a MUST to try this game. I sure you won't regretted.