Sunday, May 13, 2012

Espressamente illy @ Pavilion KL

Ever since I returned from my Melbourne trip, I thought I would never had a chance to taste a great cup of coffee again.

Espressamente illy Menu
But today I'm glad I'm stopped by at Espressamente illy, their coffee brings back the taste and flavour which I had once long forgotten :D

Espressamente illy
The skillful barista who carefully blend out the perfection.

Cappuccino Viennese
Cappucino Viennese. A scent of sweetness and flavourful, yet with a taste of slightly bitterness cup of quality and fine coffee. 100% Perfecto!

However this tiny cup of coffee, cost me for about RM13 that I can actually finish it in a single gulp. But of course this is not the correct way of enjoying coffee right. So, some people might find it expensive. But as for me, considered the quality and taste, this shot totally worth the price.

I guess I will visit them more often whenever I have a chance :)

They do have an official website: