Monday, November 30, 2009

Move again...

Within 2year, I've been moving office for 5th time. From Wisma 1 Left Wing to Right Wing, from Wisma 1 to Wisma 4, from Wisma 4 back to Wisma 1 and then move back again to Wisma 4, finally after round and round, this time move even farer and worst, which is move to Prima 9. This location is sucks! Less car park, no food court. surrounding with renovating building and full of dust!

The only thing I found it nice is when our building is on fire. We can get immediate rescue from fireman as the fire station is just directly opposite our building. God bless me :(

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's All About Paddy

How can I describe Sekinchan the most? Greenish, Hot, Peace or Refreshing. I think Sekinchan is the combination of all words. The day we went to Sekinchan is really a perfect timing. Greenish Paddy which is about to Harvest and no rain at all where all the cloud form a fabulous sky. From my point of view, a landscape without a cloud is a death scenery.

We start our journey from 9am and reach there about 11am. The weather is damn hot. So please make sure you remember to bring sun block for double protection. I forget to bring mine and this cause a disaster to my Kanojo :(

Anyway, we enjoy the photoshooting at the paddy field :)

Next we proceed to the fisherman town to find some local goodies for lunch. I'm not sure it is because of public holiday or weekend. The town is full of people, damn pack and damn hard to find a place for lunch. Every restaurant need at least 2 hour to serve the food to the customer. If we are willing to wait, then we are able to eat around 3pm. Crazy!

Later on we decided to change location and find a better place. Then we found a small restaurant which only sell fish, no crab. Well, better than wasting time waiting for food.

Choi Sam

Sour and Spicy Shark Meat

Steam Stingray

Later on, we proceed to Bukit Melawati which just 15km before Sekinchan. Nothing special about this place. Just observe the Light house and bunch of monkey.

Nearby Bukit Melawati, there is a small fisherman village as well. We order crabs here as the waiting time not as terrible as Sekinchan.

Salt Egg Fried Crab.
Yummy! I never eat a fresh crab taste like this before. The meat is so soft and what the best is not a single meat that stick together with the shell. It's so wonderful!

Before we leave the place, we manage to observe the sunset. Amazing but only with a short glance.

I might come back for revisit if there's a chance :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Congratulation to Yehh and Rachel

Among all my secondary schoolmate, I never thought that I'm able to attend one of their wedding dinner so early. They are just 25 years old. Loving, caring and understanding each other that lead them to married in such a young age. I'm happy to see them fill with happiness.They start their love since secondary time and it's been a long journey they go through time before the marriage. Both of them fight with hardness and difficulty in order to reach this stage. I wonder when will be my turn and how much can I love, care and tender my wife. I bet we still got a long road need to be taken before I can get marriage.

So I'm attending their wedding dinner that night and unofficially become their "free" lance photographer. Yeah is really a free one. As my skill for now still not qualified to be a pro freelancer. But I will try my best to capture a great moment on that night. Hence, below is the photobook that I create as to congrats them, Yehh and Rachel Happy Wedding~

Please enjoy the photobook :)