Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP10 Part 2

As promised, this post is about the possible articulation and cool posing debut photo from Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime MP-10
Signature Pose of Prime. Cool leader that lead Autobots. Compare to MP01 and MP04, this MP10 dude don't have moving mouth.

Optimus Prime MP-10
This piece didn't come with the communicator device on his forearm as well.

Optimus Prime MP-10
The dress not able to flip out also and it causes the leg not able to bend up 90 degree. It's kinda sad not able to perform much on ground pose.

Optimus Prime MP-10
For hands part, we don't get all the moving fingers as how the other Masterpiece had. Only the index finger adjustable and the rest glued together as it is. May be they are trying to prevent Prime from getting into some middle finger pose or whatever.

As much as it is, a photos below worth a thousand words :)

Optimus Prime MP-10
Hey, you!

Optimus Prime MP-10
Optimus Prime MP-10
Optimus Prime MP-10
Optimus Prime MP-10
Power! Shine!

So far, that's the only I have for now. I will try to take more photo of it when I'm free to do so.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Transformers Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP10

After so many releases, restock, reissue and remodeling, finally I bought myself a most wanted Optimus Prime MP10 series! This is all thanks to Hasbro by releasing this awesome dude. I was able to get this in a much more cheaper price compare to Takara MP-10 version.

Let us review it now. 
Masterpiece Optimus Prime

As expected from Hasbro standard open view packaging, simple and nothing impress me much. The box itself was pretty bulky and heavy. Most of the weight coming from the trailer duh.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Back packaging with a list of features and Optimus Prime background story.

Unboxing MP10

I guess the team re-designed the box where it can be easily unboxing. I remembered the time when I unboxing Grimlock Masterpiece from the box was totally a mess! Even now I'm a bit scare to take it out from the box.

Optimus Prime
Front View

Optimus Prime
Back View

Optimus Prime
Side View

Even though this MP-10 was created in a smaller scale compare to MP-01 and MP-04, however the team re-designed this Prime to look even more sexier than before. They take the proportion into consideration and make it more muscular. As for the painting, this dude are more to G-1 accurate compare to Takara version.

Weapon and accessories
Energy Axe, Ion Cannon, Autobot Roller and miniature Spike Witwicky.

Foldable Ion Cannon and detached Iron Ball

Hasbro was kindly enough to give away complete weapon and accessories. If is included with Megatron gun, it will be perfect!

Roller Cannon
For the Autobot Roller, this is where Spike in action! Attached with Prime Ion Cannon.

Spike on Roller
Come any closer I will blow off your ass.

Hidden Chambers
This Roller not as simple as you think, this dude can transforms as well.

Autobot Roller
Transformed and now what.

Roller with Trailer
This guy responsibility is to carry and protect the trailer while Prime busy fighting with Megatron!

Hidden Chambers
Storage on Prime himself right in the middle of his back. I'm so impressed with this features.

Hidden Chambers
Ready to fight.

Matrix of Leadership
Come, is time to handle over your Matrix of Leadership to me.

Matrix of Leadership
With a triple layer protection, this guy so tough. One awesome thing about this Matrix was made by Metal. It's a truly die cast item.

Battle Station
Everything surrounding Prime also transformable. Even the trailer itself turned into Battle Station.

Maintenance Gear
Spike on Maintenance Gear
Spike in action again.

Maintenance Mode
Trying to repair Prime from damage.

Semi Truck Mode
Semi Truck Front View

Semi Truck Mode
Semi Truck Side View

Semi Truck Mode
Semi Truck Back View

Semi Truck Mode
Ready to roll out.

I have no complaint on the truck mode as well. Very detail and precise made in every angle. Wiper, Back Mirror, Rubber tyres, head light and also the exhaust pipe.

Spike on Truck
They even considered to design a seat just for Spike.

Full Truck Mode
Lets deploy a Full Truck Mode.

The doors open with an extendable ramp. I have Mazda RX-8 Jazz with me but too bad I'm too lazy to take it out from the box. But I think they are just in a right size to carry a Deluxe scale car.

Let's Roll Out!
Without wait any further, lets roll out and kick Decepticon asses.

As a conclusion, although this piece was manufactured by Hasbro. I can proudly said this piece was flawless and totally worth the price!

Faster go and grab one while stock last!

Last but not least, I will create another entry soon which mostly describe on the articulation and posing. Stay tune~