Saturday, October 17, 2009

Upgraded from 3.80 M33-5 to 5.50 GEN-B + Decrypted ISO game

Its almost 2 years since I last bought my PSP. From that day started, it has been followed by CFW 3.80 M33-5 until today... finally I get myself to upgrade it to 5.50 GEN-B.

This is due to the fact that a lot of new ISO game are no more compatible with CFW 3.80 M33-5. What Sony did is to force you to install their official firmware 5.55 and play the game via UMD but not memory stick. This is to make sure no more piracy issue scattering around the whole world.

Yet, programming is a very scary subject. When you found a way to protect something, there might be a way to break that protection. This is what we so called Reserve Engineering. And so this happened now to Sony anti-piracy technology.

Given that a lot of people had posted up the tutorial on how to upgrade the CFW, I'm not going to waste my time guiding you instead provide you the link directly to that tutorial.

Important note:
  • Make sure your CFW is 3.71 M33 and above
  • Make sure your battery life is more than 78%
  • The Decrypted ISO game only workable on CFW 5.50 GEN-B
  1. Click this link to upgrade your CFW to 5.50 GEN-B. Follow their tutorial. Download source provided.
  2. Click this link to get the UMDGen and Game Decryptor.
  3. Watch this video clip to decrypted your ISO game.

I've tried to decrypt my YS Seven and Tales of VS and both is working perfectly. Enjoy your game :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

YS Origin on Windows Seven

Important note: This post is about to review some outdated game.

As I just completed story of YS I The Vanished Omen and YS II Eternal The Vanished Omen Final Chapter on my PSP. Then only I get to know that there is another YS 0 or known as Origin exist in the market. Until then I only realize it release on PC platform which is totally out of my expectation!

Straightaway I dig out the download source from Megaupload and install to my Windows 7. It's a bit risky to install into Windows 7 as the game is only support until Windows Vista. But I believe the infrastructure between Windows 7 and Windows Vista is more or less the same. The installation is successful! But be aware, the english config patch and Vista patch need to install by sequence.

Short Tutorial:
1. Install YS Origin Full Version
2. Next install Vista Patches V1.1.0.3
3. Then only install English Config Patch

During my first attempt, I install step 1, 3 and 2 and it give me a damn error as shown below.

Furthermore, I tried to install AppLocale into Windows 7 too but it just didn't help at all. Anyway, it is relief to know that YS Origin is compatible on Windows 7.

For Vista Version of YS Origin, you can simply unlock Adol Christen and Bonus difficulty setting by create 2 files.
  1. To unlock Adol (Only playable in Time Attack Mode): Create an empty file named "" and place it into C:\Program Files\Falcom\Release folder
  2. To unlock bonus difficulty setting (Very easy and nightmare added): Create an empty file named "" and place it into C:\Program Files\Falcom\Release folder
Enjoy your game in Windows Seven :)

Click Here: YS Origin Official Website (included Demo and trailer)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cameron Highlands 1D1N Trip

It was short but a wondering and relaxing trip. With a group of 9 people, we start our journey on 7am from Serdang. Along the way to Cameron, it will took us around 3 and a half hour to reach Cameron town. So we stop at Bidor and took our breakfast at Pun Chun for their Famous Duck Noodle. After that we continue our journey again and we exit Simpang Pulai Tol and using the new route to reach Cameron.

Our first stop is at Rose Valley. Not only rose, inside have other types of flower, cactus and Peacock as well.

The wind is breezing and comfortable. Unlike KL, which is like comparing hell and heaven.
Opposite town is Brinchang.

After some photo shooting, is time for lunch. Head to Brinchang and hunt for food. OK Tuck? OK Tuck Tuck Tuck~

Next we proceed to Cameron Valley Bharat Tea Farm. The scenery not so good at that time as the rain just stop. No more sunlight, bright sky and clear cloud.

After taking some photo, we move to Boh Tea Farm. The road to Boh Tea Farm is pretty narrow and dangerous. Plus the corner is totally blocking our sight from in coming car. So make sure you keep your horn loud when passing the corner area.

Boh Peak

Orochi is absorbing the power from the sky! :D

Is time for Hi-Tea and so we move back to Cameron Valley for their Strawberry Cheeeeese

and local Teh Tarik (taste as same as arena, Cyberjaya)

Once done if time to Brinchang Pasar Malam. Most command thing you can saw in their pasar is always Vegetable, Corn, Strawberry, cactus and fruit. The price is damn cheap! But I didn't bought anything from there.

It's almost 8pm, shall we have a dinner please? Yes, hence we head back to brinchang and search for steamboat. Yummy Yummy. Fill up my stomach and went back to our apartment for some rest and bath.

After some short rest, someone call for supper already. Our trip is really full of eat. Then we walk down to the Galaxy Cafe near our apartment. The time is great, gathering everyone together, chatting and laughing at the same time. It is very rare to have such moment.

Waiting for 12am and celebrate a birthday party to our birthday boy before we all went to bed. Temperature become more and more cold. Staying at Cameron really can throw away your air con.

Wake up at 7am again and take our breakfast at brinchang. Then proceed to Big Red Strawberry Farm.

How I wish the sky clear when we went to Tea Farm yesterday.

Time is flowing and we need to leave Cameron at 11am. Before that, stop at pasar pagi to collect some honey and cherry tomato as souvenir.

Is time to say good bye to this wonderful place. On the way back we turn to Kampar and had our lunch at Kam Ling which famous for their Curry Chicken Bread. So that's end of the story..

Click here for more photos here: Trip @ Cameron Highlands

Friday, October 2, 2009


Conjunction with Ayumi Birthday, today I'm going to post up my new bought Ayumi album~ It is not the latest album but it is part of my collection. :)

From left to right: A Song for XX and (Miss)understood

Both of this CDs bought inside CD Warehouse, Langham Palace, Mongkok, Hong Kong. The price is cheaper compare to Malaysia. It just cost me around RM61 each.

I never saw any of A Song for XX album sell in Malaysia before. I guess this album is too old as this is Ayumi first release album back in year 1999. And lucky, in 2009 I finally found it! 10year pending in finding list finally clear.

(Miss)understood is a worth buying album.

As the packaging comes with "On My Way" Photobook.

Overall album compilation. 2 album added since last update on previous post.

3 more album to go. Yeah! Secret, Guilty and Next Level will be my next target.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Due to the fact my face become seriously covered by acne, I have no choice but to entrust my face to Dermalogica.

Why I call it
Donatelogica instead?

Since last I give up on the product, Clinique for Men, my face continually wounded by acne. Thus I get to know Dermalogica is a well known facial treatment product. Without a question, I took my first treatment at Sungai Wang Plaza, Joyce Beauty Center. It cost me about RM88 for the treatment. They having a first time user promotion which let the customer enjoy 50% discount. Well, after the treatment I purchase their Active Moist and Multi-active Toner which cost me another RM321. Each product have 5% discount. So my total for the first time is RM409. I'm not so satisfying with the result at Joyce. Later on I found out The Mines Shopping Center do have a Dermalogica Center and it's much more cheaper than Joyce! Dammit. From there, I purchase another MediBac Clearing Kit which cost me about RM169 with 5% discount.

From left to right: Clearing Skin Wash, Sebum Clearing Masque, Clearing Mattifier, Overnight Clearing Gel, Concealing Spot Treatment, Active Moist and Multi-Active Toner.

This is not the end, I've signed up their facial package as well. 2 month for 4 time treatment, 2 week once and get a free large Clearing Skin Wash and Multi-Active Toner which again cost me RM698! I vomit blood each time I clear my bill.
Now do you understand why I call it donatelogica? Donate in malay is call Derma. That's mean I derma my money logically. Yeah derma logically! Within 2 months I've donate almost thousand ringgit to Dermalogica. What a good naming they have. However, with the help of dermalogica my face is now free from acne. What left is only the scar.

THANKS A LOT! As a conclusion, I certified this product is perfectly suit my skin. :) Hence I'm willingly to support and vomit my blood to dermalogica. Just kidding~