Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Windows 7 Ultimate, Postponed to 2011

I think most of you guys didn't know that the new OS from Microsoft is now in development. They named it as Windows 7 Codename "Vienna". Why they named it as Windows 7??? Is it because this is the 7th OS release from Microsoft??? Sound weird and funny...
I think this new OS is no more a secret since a number of people already test on this new OS and leaked out the information to public.

I think there will be a lot of screenshot related to Windows 7 if you search from Google, but is the screenshot true or false, don't ask me (since there are a lot of skinning and visual style third party software available, is not weird if you saw something different on your so called Windows 7). But we better wait for the final version ourself and test it out!
However, I found out a website which provide the screenshot I think can be trusted. Go take a look: Windows 7 Screenshot

Sadly, when I read on the forum today, Microsoft says that Windows 7 isn't headed for 2009 but 2011. Want to know more? Click here. I lazy to write out the content here.

What I wondering here is weather Windows 7 will be able to enhance a new features like Windows Vista or even cooler than that. And also the GUI design which I most curious. Well, we only to know about this once the final version release.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buy or Not Buy Decision...

Recently, I 've been bugging with the buy or not buy decision. It's not easy to get rid of it. It keep on playing with my mind even when I fall asleep. Actually it's only a simple answer: buy or not to buy, but why it keep on bothering me somehow??? Maybe some questions that required me to consider make me headache. I rather say is not cheap for me, just worry that I might get regretted on the decision made.

Just hope that I'm able to make a smart decision on this... So Lloyd, please think carefully...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Changing OEM Branding Logo for Windows Vista Part 2

Did you ever wonder how famous Laptop/PC manufacturers such as Sony, Dell, Asus, HP, ACER and others put their logo into your computer?

If you notice the screenshot above, I already added my own Logo into my Windows Vista Welcome Center.
So here the simple guide:
  1. Go to "C:\Windows\System32\oobe" Folder. If your computer is DELL, you will see the file "DELL_BAR.png". If the file not exist, you can create your own banner.
  2. First, go to "C:\Windows\System32\oobe\INFO".
  3. Right Click on "oobe.xml" file to uncheck the "Read Only" properties(If any)
  4. Open "oobe.xml" using NOTEPAD as administrator and add/edit the path as below.

Take note that Brand.jpg is the file name that you create. It can be any name.


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My New Image

Finally, I manage to change my hair colours on this new year! And is Mud Cherry which product by Gatsby. Haha. Plus my hair cut by APT professional hair stylish: Jim which located in Low Yat, it change my whole image indirectly. Unfortunately I don't have any photo yet on my newly image. However if I publish the photo here, there will be no surprise to all, right?
I'm looking forward for the up coming Chinese New Year and hope to have a friends gathering soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dearest Kanojo...

The situation started where the time kanojo told me that she not feeling well yesterday during the way to office. I though she's just not had enough sleep that maybe causes her to had such unwell feeling. After a while, we arrive office and she told me again that she not feeling well. I saw her face kinda suffer and pain and I started to worry about her. After discuss for around few minutes, I decided to sent her back home to get enough rest. Then she agreed and take leave immediately.

During the way back home, I drove at maximum speed to hope that she can lay on bed for rest but suddenly, she vomit a lot in the car. Fortunately my car got kept some spare plastic bag for emergency purpose. I started to worry much and don't know what to do. I'm not sure is she's getting food poisoning because we're eating the same meal yesterday dinner.

Finally we reach home and she told me that she feeling much more better after vomit. Haaa, feeling relief now but not longer after the word, she started to vomit again. OMG! I suggest Kanojo to consult doctor but she say if tomorrow still the same only go for clinic. Then I agreed, accompany her awhile then I left back to office to continue my job.

Around 11am, Kanojo SMS me that she vomit again after I left and 2.39pm, she told me that she get food poisoning. I called Kanojo and her voice sound weak. I very worried that time and decided to skip the concall agenda which is suppose to held on 8pm. I just cant wait anymore until 8pm because she might need me to stay beside her.

Around 4.38pm, she called me with weak and pain voice hoping me to get back home immediately. However, I was doing some task that time which about to finish and without hesitate, straight away I pack my bag and rush back to see her. She laying on the bed without energy left and I advise kanojo to consult doctor for medical. She agreed to look for doctor and we apart after kanojo finish her Milo which manage to gain back some energy.

Damn Pasar Malam!!! Along the street was damn crowded and jammed. We unable to find parking in the situation like this so I straight away sent her back hometown. At least her family can look after her while I'm working. I also feel more relief if Kanojo stay with her family. We sent her to clinic, getting the medicine and back home. Looking at her I feel sad and pain. Raining make me more sad at that moment. Once she finish her cereal drink, she went back to bed for rest. After accompany her for minutes, is time for me to go back KL.

Not much I can do now. Hope kanojo can recover as soon as possible and I will always praying for her. She will be fine soon and we can continue to shopping again. I know I'm not a good kareshi however I will do my best to protect her away from harm.

Once she recover, the first thing I need to do is to bring kanojo to buy shoe. Thus, please get well soon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Windows Vista SuperFetch Technology

Well, another technology information to share but this time is not a tutorial yet is a disadvantage of using Windows Vista OS.

Surely everyone notice that Windows Vista has improve a lot and impress users with the cool aero GUI (compare to Windows XP), Flip 3D, Thumbnail View and Sidebar Gadget and etc... But do you know that Windows Vista is actually a Blood Sucker or should I say "Memory Sucker" for more accurate term.

Indeed, Windows Vista has implemented a new services called SuperFetch which is a new memory management tool designed to allow your frequently used programs additional memory by making better use of your systems random access memory (RAM). Hmmm, the definition sounds great ya. In fact, you could get Windows XP away with 1GB of memory, with 2GB making it run much smoother. To get the same smooth experience from Windows Vista, you really need to double the memory to 4GB!!!

Article can be found on this link: How SuperFetch Works

Thus, think twice before you plan to upgrade your desktop/Laptop to Windows Vista.
If you think that you have enough resources to upgrade your RAM to 4GB, please ignore this info. Else you will be suffer...

If you think that you really love Windows Vista GUI and other cool functions as mentioned above, maybe... you are recommended to install Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 which is a package that change your Windows XP GUI into Windows Vista like GUI. Advisable to read the Term and Condition before you transform your Windows XP! God Bless You.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Rurutia (ルルティア)

Rurutia (ルルティア) is a female J-pop singer/songwriter. She began her career in 2001 with the release of Itoshigo yo (爱し子よ) when she was signed to Toshiba-EMI. She is currently signed to Phoerix Records as of mid-2005 and has released a total of 5 regular albums and 10 singles thus far. Rurutia is an intensely private artist, most aspects of her life such as her age and her real name are not known to the public. This fact, added to her whispered vocals, creates a unique and mysterious atmosphere around her.

Her pseudonym, Rurutia, means 'blissful rain' in Tahitian.

Up to now, most of her songs are recommended to listen. Maybe of her vocal is too attractive and sweet~, you will never get bored no matter how many time u repeat the song. Yup and i'm now listening to her songs while compose this post.

For more information:

Jeez! Another Favourite Game Release on Nintendo Wii

Name: Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: Spring 2008
Theme Song: 二人三脚 by Misono
Character Design: Kosuke Fujishima
Publisher: Namco Bandai

I will miss out another nice game as you know this game will be release on Nintendo Wii. Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk which is a series sub from the mail series of Tales of Symphonia. God! Why all the hits game now release on Nintendo Wii!!! Haiz, It cant be help now since the official release date will be announce soon somewhere on Spring of 2008.

The character design for this game is created by Kosuke Fujishima (my super idol) which draw mainly on Aa! Megami-sama. His drawing is very creative and beautiful and he has been create for many character for the previous tales series (Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Abyss, Tales of Vesperia (still in design stage)). I love his design so much!

Just hope that this series will be convert to PS2 as like the previous series do (Tales of Symphonia convert from Nintendo 64 t0 PS2). Then I will be able to complete all the tales series...

For more information:
Tales.. Series:

Tales.. OVA:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Addicted to Adobe Photoshop I

Since diploma, I started to love editing photo and create wallpapers using Adobe Photoshop. Because of the assignment and exam, I have stopped from self study on Photoshop.

Recently, I have get myself involve in Photoshop again by learning all the retouching skill as well as create some background effect to make the photos look enchanting.

Here's some sample output:

Some of the photo is a quite simple straightforward. I'm still learning now and yet a very basic rookies. However, I will try to learn as much as I can to make the photos look great. Haha. Not hope to become Pro but at least can become expert in this field. Then it will automatically create more opportunity for me to look for a wider scope of job field. Wahaha.

I will create more wallpapers in the future and for sure will upload to this blog for public review. Hence, C & C are welcome to improve my skill.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Wife Face Ruined!!!

Today woke up as usual on 6 am with normal mood. Wash my face and putting on clothes ready to office for war. Unexpectedly, when I take my car at car park, I saw a mud like cat pow on my engine bonnet!!! Shit the cat! This is the second time the cat left all the pow mark on my engine bonnet!!!

When I look carefully once again, I feel surprise that my front bonnet already dented and badly scratched. Wow, suddenly feel frozen looking at the wound... my mind think of "Who's the stupid bastard! that scratch my wife face!!!". Very sad on that moment, I just brought my car not even half year already get scratched by those brainless barbarian! Haiz, cant blame anymore because I do not have any evidence to proof my car is being collision by other car during my absent. However, according to the scracthed it is somehow collide by the other car during parking I guess. So unskillful they are...curse them!!!

Just to blame myself unlucky, hope that the scratched can be rub away using tinner or petrol. But for that cat, if let me catch it then they will suffer...

Monday, January 14, 2008

.NET Workshop followed by Greenbox and TGV "Game Plan"

I have attended a .NET workshop on last Friday, 11th Jan 2008 at Amcorp Mall, 3th Floor Info Trek. The title was "Java Interoperability with .NET". That day is quite jam along the way to Amcorp Mall and I have spent around 1 hour to reach there. Without jam, I think I can arrive using 1/2 hour only. As a result, I left behind schedule.

Forget it. Before I write anything related to the course. I would like to give myself a simple questionnaire.
  1. Do you learn Java before? - No
  2. Are you from .NET background? - Yes
  3. How much do you gain .NET knowledge during college time? - 65%
  4. Are you familiar with Java Syntax and coding? - Not at all
  5. Do you gain anything from the workshop? - No
  6. How much knowledge do u absorb from the workshop? - 0%

As you notice on the questionnaire, I do not learn Java before and that's why, this course make me real headache and blur studying on the unknown Syntax and code. Unfortunately, this course do not have practical but full on theory with total 7 Chapters. Haiz, I really give up. Spare me!!! At the end, I learn nothing but a headache.

The workshop ended approximately on 5pm, feel a little bit down and regret attending this course as I learn nothing from the course make me sad. To cheer up, we straight away drive to Cheras Selatan Jusco, Green Box to sing away the sorrow. But we are not in a good condition, most of the song selected can't be completed perfectly. Bad sound and tone come out from us repeatedly until 3 hours has finally passed.

Then we ahead for our dinner at "Food and Tea" cafe which serve Hong Kong specialty dish. After the dinner, the time finally arrive and the show is almost on the screen. We entered TGV cinema for "Game Plan" on 9.10pm. Damn! This movie is just damn funny and it is real comedy. We laughed from the show started to the show ended, but of course there are some sad scene in the middle of the show. However, this movie really bring back my mood. Well, we enjoyed a lot on that day and is recommended for those who haven't watch "Game Plan". Sure it will make you laugh to death.

And that's how we spent the day.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta. release since 29th November 2007. Finally i got a chance to hands on on this latest version 9.0, not on my own desktop nor office desktop but on Training center desktop. Haha. Although is a Beta version, but it still provide us a full functionality. I have tested on it and there are couple of new cool features added. GUI still remain the same.

New Features:

  • Sign-in and messaging in multiple locations - You asked for it, now you have it! You can now sign into Messenger from more than one computer at a time, up to four at once. Simply sign into Messenger from one computer, install Messenger on another computer and sign in using the same account. (Only works if all computers are running Messenger 9.0 Beta. Currently enabled only for users whose Windows Live ID country is US or Canada.) - [My comment] Not useful at all. I don't think that we need it
  • Signature sounds – Pick your own personal sound that your contacts will hear when you sign into Messenger (only works if you and your contacts have Messenger 9.0 Beta). [My comment] Cool Features!
  • Per contact sounds - Pick unique sounds for each of your contacts. You will be able to tell from across the room who is sending you a message. [My comment] Cool Features!
  • SPAM Reporting - If users send you unsolicited messages or invitations that you consider spam, you can block them and report them as spammer. If you report a user as a spammer, the messenger service will collect this data and put appropriate restrictions on the spammer accounts. All reports of spammers are kept confidential. [My comment] hmmm, maybe useful nowadays cause a lot of unidentified invitation.
  • Animated Display Pictures – Show your moves! Messenger now supports animated .gif files as display pictures. [My comment] Wow! I like it, but sadly it support up to 200kb .gif file only
  • Link in Personal Status Message – URLs in Personal Status Messages are hot and clickable in the Messenger contact list. [My comment] hmmm, good for those who like information sharing
  • Behind the Scenes Changes – Architectural changes that modified how things work but shouldn’t have changed how things look. [My comment] Unable to try it. Don't know what is this features all about.
  • Changes to sign-in, connectivity, presence, sending text IM’s, voice & video features.[My comment] Not my concern as long as not lack and disconnected
  • Windows Live Contacts Server – wlcomm.exe runs in the background to keep your contacts’ information up-to-date and helps Messenger sign you in faster. [My comment] Hope it won't cause my desktop lack and slow.
Overall comment: Not bad but still, I will install third party software like Mess patch to make it more cool.
You can download the software here: Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta if you wish to participate as a beta user.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

[Album] 濱崎あゆみ Guilty - "My All" damn NICE

"My all"... one of the song from Ayumi Hamasaki, which is from the latest album "GUILTY".

To be honest, i'm writing this blog while listening to this song and I've decided to post the lyrics of this song here.

Please take a chance to listen on this album especially this song because it is too nice~~~

MY ALL (Romanji)

Ittai mou dore kurai no jikan o
Tomo ni sugoshite kita n darou

Ittai mou dore kurai no kyori o
Tomo ni susunda darou

Bokutachi ga koremade ni nokoshite kita
Kanpeki ja naku tomo kirakira shita

Kesshou ga ima koko ni hokorashi ge ni
kagayaki hanatte iru

Tanoshii koto ureshii koto
Bakari datta to wa shoujiki
Ienai kedo itsu demo
Hitori ja nakatta kara

* Anata ni yume o misetai
Owaranaku te kienaku te
Sonna yume o mite hoshii
Sore ga boku no negai desu

** Anata o mamotte ikitai
Tatoe nani ga okiyou tomo
Boku no subete de anata o
Mamori tsuzukete ikimasu

Kuyande ru koto nante hitotsu sae
Nai to ima demo ii kireru yo

Bokutachi wa itsu datte zenruoku de
Tatakai nuite kita

Tsurai yoru mo yarikirenai
Omoi o shita hibi mo shoujiki
Atta keredo itsu demo
Hitori ja nakatta kara

Anata no egao ga mieru
Itooshiku te mabushiku te
Sono egao ga mitaku te
Kyou mo boku wa ikite masu

Anata no ai o kanjiru
Chikarazuyoku te atatakai
Sonna mushou no aijou o
Zenshin de kanjite masu

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

MY ALL (English)

How long
Have we spent time together ?

How far
Have we advanced together ?

The sparkling crystals
We have left behind

Are now shining proudly here
Though they may not be perfect

I can't say
That it was all fun and joyful
But always, I wasn't alone

* I want to show you a dream
I hope you will have
A never-ending and lasting dream
This is my wish

** I want to protect you
Whatever may happen
I'll go on protecting you
With all my might

Even now, I can say definitely
That I don't have a regret

We have always fought it out
With all our might

I had some hard nights
And the days I felt unbearable
But always, I wasn't alone

I see your smile
So dear and dazzling
I'm living every day
To see the smile

I feel your love
Strong and warm
I'm feeling the selfless love
With all my senses

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

Make your Shut Down Function Easier for Windows Vista Users

Again, here some tips to share with all of you. If you are Windows Vista users, you will find out that the Shut Down button is quite annoying because of the small arrow button that need to activate the drop down list.

So, in order to make your life easy. Follow the steps below:
Firstly, go to Control Panel -> Power Option

Then click on Choose When to Turn Off the Display

Then click on Change Advanced Power Settings

Go to Power Buttons and Lid -> Start Menu Power Button. The default value for the setting here is Sleep. Hence, change it to Shut Down.

Click Apply. To make sure you really apply the changes, go to Start Menu and you will notice that one of icon button have changed.



Once you click the button, Shut Down will activated. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dragon Quest IX release on Nintendo DS

Dragon Quest... for those who love to play RPG (Role Playing Game) should know the existing and history of this game. Dragon Quest, is a well known and super famous RPG in Japan. It also a first RPG in the world that role out before Final Fantasy. I always crazed to play on this game and always wanted to complete it as much as I can. So far, I only manage to complete series I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII.

But sadly, recently Square Enix held a press conference in Tokyo to announce the next entry in the main Dragon Quest series. In a surprise move, Japan's most popular series will continue not on the PS3 or the Wii, as many had expected. Instead, Square Enix will be bringing the game to the DS. Haiz...

Because of this, there's no way for me to play on this Dragon Quest IX unless I brought Nintendo DS platform myself. Well, this is something we can't avoid now. Just hope that in future, Square Enix will consider to remake a better version in PS2 or PS3.

For more information:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Microsoft Surface

Hi, there's something cool to share again with all of you. Sorry if i'm outdated with the world technology if you already known surface technology from Microsoft before I do. But I believe there are still a lot of people who don't know the existing of this technology.

Is hard to express on how cool and incredible this technology features is but the time you saw it, only one word express from your mouth. Is "WOW". Believe it o not.
Try to navigate this link:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Disappointed Ending...

Finally Transformers Armada reach to its end. With overall 52 Episode, I chase with every excitement and joy but till the end its only give me a deep disappointed ending.

Well, why do I say that?

  1. The time I brought this DVD is really make me excitement on the new story line but holy crap! is only a remake version of generation 1 that enhance it to look better and complete.

  2. Episode 1-35 make me really bored to hell which they only capturing all the stupid minicon and less of war between Decepticon and Autobots.

  3. Start from 35 onward, it started to make me feel better where Autobots head back to Cybertron to face Decepticon for war.

  4. Unicorn!!! The big and real enemy to Transformers finally appears. Damn, it make my blood boil to chase to the end.

  5. Episode 40-51, you can see a lot of unique plot if compare to previous Transformers Generation 1 & 2 where Optimus Prime and Galvatron are actually become ally to destroy Unicorn. Unbelievable... they suppose to be cursed enemy... but I still saw an unique story on here.

  6. Starscream!!! Haha. One of my favourite Transformers is actually cooperated with Autobot to obliterate Galvatron and become friends of human (huh, ego Starscream finally become soft and friendly but not last longer as expected). He still betrayed Autobots and friends!!! What a pity Starscream...

  7. Starscream also died in battlefield because of persuade Galvatron to cooperate with Optimus Prime to Eliminate Unicorn.

  8. Curse You!!! After deactivate Unicorn, Galvatron still insist to fight Optimus Prime because there will be only one leader in the Universe. At the end, Galvatron get suck into Unicorn hole (Is Galvatron death?) and mysteriously disappears from the universe. That's mean Unicorn has not been destroy!!!

  9. No Climax during the battle with Unicorn.A lot of chit chat that annoying.

  10. Haiz, is just a disappointed ending and my face turn flat immediately. Somemore before ending song, Unicorn suddenly appear again at nowhere and THE END. That's all. What the crap is this???

Maybe the story will continue on the next chapter of Transformers Superlink/Energon. Hope it will not disappoint me again...

5/10 rated for Transformers Armada.

For more details:

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Constructicon - Devastator

Constructicon - Devastator from Transformers Generation 1, one of my very 1st collection on Transformers before Galvatron. But indeed, this model is pirated and is only worth RM20. After a long consideration, I decided to publish Devastator on this blog since this model is also one of my belonging collection. I brought it during my breakfast at Serdang Pasar Pagi.

Frankly speaking, for sure I won't buy original version for this model because it worth RM600 in the market which mean each for RM100 (price was consulted by toy shop owner at Sungai Wang, 6th floor). Crazy!!! Definately too expensive for this. Moreover, either pirated or original, you won't see any different between them. 100% copied as original except the plastic quality is a bit awful. That why I accidentally broke Long Houl head apart. Sad~

Robot Mode: Long Houl, Hook, Scrapper, MixMaster, Bone Crusher, Scavenger

Vehicle Mode:

Vehicle Mode (Side View):

Merged into Devastator (Side View):

Merged into Devastator:

Closer View:

Devastator already been my favourite Transformers during my childhood. I think remember the way they merged into Devastator make me feel excited. Haha. Is happy to have it although is pirated but I will appreciate very much.

To learn more about Constructicon - Devastator Techincal Spec and Information:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hail Happy New Year!!! 31-12-2007 @ The Curve

Finally, New Year has arrived and now I writing this blog on 1th January 2008 with new hope, new life, new journey and new challenges.

But for this blog, what I would like to share out is how I celebrate my New Year on 31th December 2007. It such a memorable day as I have spent my precious 11 hours at The Curve!!!

3.00 pm: Reach The Curve and parked my car on The Street, Level B2, B7. I have take a snapshoot as I worried that I will forget where my car located.

Then decided to take a walk around The Curve as this is the 1st visit here. Here's some of the photo that we take during the time.

4.00 pm: We entered Baskin Robbin and enjoyed 31% discount for all the selected ice cream. So we ended selected Caramel Ribbon + Twinberry Cheesecake ice cream and it is damn delicious. From my opinion, Baskin Robbin is more worth, cheaper and nicer compare to Haagen Dazs. So go for it!!!

4.45 pm: To kill some time, then we continue our exploration and we entered Cineleisure. Guess what I saw inside Cineleisure? Check it out, is Optimus Prime!!!

5.30 pm: Started to hungry~~ and we stopped by at Kenny Rogers to recover our HP. We just ordered quarter of original chicken + 3 side dish by set.

6.45 pm: Started to feel tired and bored. Hence, we take some photo to kill some boredom.

8.00 pm: It's 8pm now and still have 4hours to go to reach 12am. If you notice the photo above, The Curve organized a SNOW party to everyone (actually it's only a white bubble generated by machine which act like snow falling down on top of the bridge). But still, we enjoyed alot there and make my head full of snow.

8.30 pm: While waiting for friends gathering, it's Starbuck break!!!. We ordered Green Tea Latte and also Java Chip Frappucino Blended Cream. Unfortunately, one the coffee we ordered was not as expected as last time I ordered in The Submit USJ. The differences is Green Tea Latte (not so nice) and Green Tea Latte Frappucino Blended Cream (more nicer). Haiz...

10.30 pm: Our friend not yet arrive. The street become more and more crowded as time pass by. Feeling hard to breath and hard to walk. Terrible...

11.45 pm: Finally meet with our friends here and stay put until 12am!!!

12.00 am: 3, 2, 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Fireworks display on 1 Utama 1st but is such a damn lousy fireworks which only display for a few minutes. Kind of disappointed. Followed by fireworks display by The Curve. Hmmm, this is more interesting compare to 1 Utama and they continue to launch the fireworks missiles for at least 10 minutes for sure.

12.45 am: It's early morning now and it's time to say good bye~ So we back to parking lot and take our car. Arghhh!!! Jamming, jamming and jamming!!! Blasphemy!!! Because of this, we ended up stuck inside parking lot until 2.00 am!!!

2.45 am: God bless you. Mum, i reach home (carried full of tiredness).

Is good to celebrate New Year once but not twice. It's like sweet dream turn out to be nightmare~~~.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who read my blog. Thanks