Thursday, October 9, 2008

Replica "The Last Samurai" Katana

My New Haul! Replica "The Last Samurai" katana finally fall into my hand. Haha. As you can see, the package is specially courier to office by Post Laju. Thanks to my friend, cj who help me to order such a wonderful katana.

Here we are, finally move back to my room. And is time for unpacking process.

Tadaa! Weapon comes with Tag and wood stand. Too bad they don't provide Choji Oil which is to prevent the katana from getting rust. Ignore the pig leg in the photo.

Here's some details:

Name: The Last Samurai Sword of Chu, Yu, Gi Katana
Material: Engraved 440 stainless steel (rustless high end steel)
Acture Size: 41 INCH , Blade : 26 INCH , Handle : 11.5 INCH
Weight: Unknown

忠 ,勇, 義

As written on the wood. 武士道 - Bushidou

Emaki, Menuki and Same Kawa

Tsuba, Same Kawa + Menuki

Display with Sword Sheath

Display without Sword Sheath


Kissaki, Yokote and Hamon

Ha, Hira, Tsuba and Same Kawa

Overall, this is just a superb Masterpiece for me. Great!

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