Friday, April 3, 2009

Experience 8 Hour Without Network

Crap Network! One of the port has been disabled by Network Administrator on Wednesday. Another port disabled again on today. My cubicle, which only have two port, already disabled. Damn, called Helpdesk for help almost used up half an hour just for them to pick up the phone. What they need to do is just create a god damn ticket, they told me the possible root cause: Attacked by Virus. Not only my port being affected, most of the colleagues affected too.

No network is a serious problem for me. I can't copy source, can't deploy source, can't read email, can't reply email, can't update SAGE, can't play FaceBook and can't surf Haoting. I only able to chatting with friends, drawing on the newspaper and tea time for the whole day. Feel relaxed but kinda pressure too as I might not know what to fill in on the Time Write at the end of the day. Somemore you will feel the clock is ticked slower than usual when you have nothing to do.

Haiz, really hope that the Helpdesk will help me to enable back my port on Monday.

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