Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Photo Shooting @ Putrajaya

Putrajaya - Panoramic View

After getting my new gadget for around 5 days, finally I get myself to Putrajaya for the first Photo Shooting Session. Grabbing my Gear+SAL1870 and Tripod (which is damn important to shoot night scene) drive the whole way to Putrajaya after work. Here, I explored myself in a City of Lights.

The first lesson that I learned is that Tripod is the mostly used equipment especially to capture night scene. By setting the lowest ISO (100) to reduce noise and long exposure time to absorb all necessary lights is needed. Since long exposure time (8sec-15sec) need a stable and steady hand, it would be impossible for our hand to stay still for at least 15sec without any hand shake. Hence, tripod is needed.

I have created a Flickr account which is mainly to post up my photos.

You can get a view by clicking on this link: First Photo Shooting @ Putrajaya
More events and photos will be coming soon. C&C are always welcome :)

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