Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jinbao Oversized KO Warbotron Onslaught

Onslaught, the tactician or so called the combat master is the leader for the Combaticon. Being a leader, he is pretty much heavy loaded with massive cannon and missiles that ready to die for the victory.

Onslaught Pose 3

His posture is incredibly stable and also the heaviest among those crew. Having said that, he can pose pretty lots of cool stance.

Onslaught Pose 4
He can also lift up heavy cannon without any issue. He got a strong grip.

Onslaught Pose 5
Onslaught Pose 6

Speaking about weapons, of course he will be taking care of Bruticus's gun but in shrinked version.
Onslaught Pose 1
Onslaught Pose 2

He is very much like Optimus Prime, both a giant truck with huge trailer.
Onslaught with Prime
Side by side comparison with Masterpiece MP-09 Optimus Prime
Onslaught is just slightly larger and bulkier even with his oversized body.

In his vehicle mode without Trailer
Onslaught Vehicle Mode 1
Onslaught Vehicle Mode 4
Onslaught Vehicle Mode 2
Onslaught Vehicle Mode 3
Onslaught Vehicle Mode 5

In his vehicle mode with Trailer.
Onslaught Vehicle Mode with Trailer 1
Onslaught Vehicle Mode with Trailer 2
Onslaught Vehicle Mode with Trailer 3

All the accessories from Bruticus can be attached together with the trailer. There is be nothing left over unscattered
Onslaught Vehicle Mode with Trailer 4

Just in the right size to fit all his crew members.

In overall, there is no error in this product despite being a copycat company. However, if you are looking for a good quality of material, this is not the one for you. But if you are looking for a cheap and affordable Bruticus, this is exactly the one for you. There are a lots of Bruticus third party design out there in the market now but to my opinion, this design if the most coolest and the most superior  Bruticus I've ever seen. Next I will be writing the long anticipating Bruticus! Thanks for reading.

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