Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My Hawaii Trip Day 1: Arrival, Free and Easy

Our flight scheduled to depart sharp at 2pm and the whole journey going to take us a total of 16 hours and 30 minutes to reach Honolulu Airport. In between, we stopped at Kansai Airport for 2 hours transit. Unlike our usual trip, we actually gained the lost hour as we are flying the globe backward. The time we landed at Honolulu Airport it is still on Saturday, 21st of October 11.50am. To my surprise, we landed at the airport 40 minutes earlier than expected.

There is nothing fancy in the airport, we are pretty lucky to collect our baggage immediately after the immigration gate. So we proceed to the International Arrival Exit and look for our pre-book Shuttle Van. As instructed, you will find the staff with Polynesian red natural fern aloha attire waiting for you outside. We report for our arrival, check the name list, and then he will ask you to stand aside next to the pillar and notify us when they are ready. What the heck! We waited for more than 30 minutes just because they are still awaiting for other passenger to arrive. All the extra time that we gained so far is now lost in vain because of this bloody hell reason.

International Arrival

For the Shuttle Van, you can either book from Ohana website or directly from SpeediShuttle website. It doesn't matter because the price is the same. Alternatively, you can reach the Hotel by Bus No. 19 or No. 20 (EastBound). Bus is good for those who are on tight budget as 1 trip only cost you 2.5USD per pax. Please take note, there is a baggage size restriction (22″x14″x9″) for those who wish to ride the Bus.

As I mentioned before, tipping is a culture in US as long as you are using their services. Yes it is unpleasant but you just have to pay for it. But some services can be avoided if it is unnecessary.

Travel time from Airport to Ohana Waikiki East Hotel is just approximately 1 hour. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Ohana friendly staff. My piece of advise, quickly get out from the shuttle and handle your own baggage. This will save you few bucks.
Check In time is 3pm and we are requested to return back to Hotel anytime after 3pm. They have storage room to keep our luggage secure.

Day 1 is pretty much free and easy mode where most of the time just strolling around Waikiki main street and of course searching for our lunch. It is around 2pm when we finally settle down.

Our first destination is to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory

Here is what we ordered:
Grilled Pork Chop
Grilled Pork Chop. Just long bean. Not asparagus :)

Da Vincci Pasta
Da Vincci Pasta. Strongly recommended! We never had such a delicious pasta before. The flavor is totally new to us.

Original Cheesecake
Original Cheesecake. How can we miss the main item :)

We have been warned that the meal size in US is ridiculously huge yet we ended up ordered 2 main course and one dessert. We regretted for ignoring the warning and that's make us both ultra full.

Varieties of Cheesecake
Too many varieties.

International Market Place is just opposite the street.
International Market Place

We then headed straight up and take a left turn to Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Next to it is Sheraton Hotel.
Royal Hawaiian Hotel

They have a private event tonight.

Pacific Ocean
Breathtaking view. The vast pacific ocean.

Over here you can take a good shot of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach.
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach
Diamond Head
Multi-million dollar view.

The weather is damn hot and hence we decided to check in and take some rest. Just around 5pm we went out again to Waikiki Beach for golden sunset.

Waikiki Beach Sunset

Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Golden Moment
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Waikiki Beach Sunset
Duke Statue

Exactly at 7pm the sun vanish from your very eye and is time for Dinner. Initially plan for Duke's Canoe Club Waikiki but the queue was super long. 

On the spot change of plan and went to Hula Grill instead which is just one stair above. Waiting time is shorter but still took us 45min waiting time.
Hula Grill Waikiki
Grilled & Pan Seared Ahi with Rice
Dinner selection for the night. Grilled and Pan Seared Ahi with Rice

Pineapple Coconut Creme Brulee
Pineapple Coconut Creme Brulee

That's overall sum up our first day in Oahu, Hawaii. There's nothing much worth mentioning but we managed to catch such an amazing sunset. Life is so great.

That all for day 1. We have to sleep early as we are going for a ride for Day 2!

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