Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Encrypt Your Content in BlogSpot!

I always wondering why blogspot never have a features like password protected. I guess a lot of people will like it just like wordpress. Since it allow you to allow set a rules on each entry. Hence, I started to google around to see is there any 3rd party software or script (VBS or JavaScript) that will force this features. Thanks to google, I found a way!

It may not as same as WordPress, but at least it can help you to prevent your entry to be read by others.


Password: unlock

Here's the step:
1. Copy this line: and paste it to your template between and
2. To encrypt your post, click here
3. Enter the password of your choice in The "Key" field.
5. Copy and paste your blog entry in The "Plain Text" field.
6. Click the encrypt button below it. The encrypted text will appear in the "cipher text" field.
7. Copy and paste the HTML Code to your blog HTML field.
8. Publish Post. Done!
9. This is even works for Photo!

Thanks to Vincent, who develop this. Click Vincent Site for more information.


Blade said...

what line do I copy?

Lloyd said...


Sorry as the html code mess up the line.

Copy [script src="" type="text/javascript"][/script]

and paste it to your template [head] tag.
Replace [] to <>

Divine.Jakiro said...

in html code, we are less using [], we more use in <>, so must be script type="text/javascript" src="xxx.js"/ lo

Lloyd said...

Yup, you are right.
But blogger post will mess up the code as the comment support HTML tags as well.
Hence, i need to use [] to replace <>.
Hope this explained :)

ivy said...

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