Thursday, January 1, 2009

My WishList for 2009

Hmmm.. I been thinking of this quite a while. What should I get and gain from the year of 2009. Well, right now the image is still blur. As most of the things that I wish for already been granted. But after a long consideration. Perhaps this is the few thing that I can get but not least.

1. SLR: Of course my choice would be Sony Alpha as I'm a big fan of Sony products. However, as Kanojo said my phone camera is powerful enough to capture a nice photo. I'm not a so called "Pro". That's why SLR is not a must for me. Plus getting the lense is killing me.

2. More Transformers: Kanojo definitely will kill me seeing this wishlist. Haha. Well, right now I'm only wish to collect Masterpiece, MP01 Optimus Prime or MP02 Ultra Magnus. May be will get MP03 StarScream as well.

3. iPhone 3G: Just consider to get only if my phone spoiled. Although I know this phone is crap but the design attract me.

So far that's the only gadget I wish for.

4. Yeah, this year I will be on vacation to Hong Kong. Hope everything running smooth. This will be our first oversea memory and glad to have Kanojo with me. Before depart to Hong Kong, there will be a Perhentian vacation as well. Really excited when think about it. Can't wait to move on. Will start to plan on Taiwan trip for next year.

5. Tomorrow will be my first day as EDS permanent staff. It seems like very normal to me because I been working here as a contractor staff for almost 2 years, but now the status is different. Hope there will be a great challenge awaiting us ahead.

6. Will make Kanojo more happier, gives more surprise and presents! Sorry if 2008 I couldn't granted everything that you wish. Hope you will forgive me for the disappointed or any blank promise that I made couldn't be granted. I do not wish to see you cry and tears because of me anymore. I will try my best in 2009. We will build triple sweet memories in 2009!

7. Hope my parents stay healthy forever. I knew recently quite a number of issue happened on my family and relatives. As adults, I believe they able to settle those internal quarrel hopefully before Chinese New Year. Or else there will be pain in the ass.

8. Same as every year. Say no to smoking! This is my principal and forever hold on tight. I'm sad to say that most of my friends are slowly moving to hell. Smoke will not ease stress! Don't be fool. You're just a loser finding a reason to escape from reality. Smoke can't help you anything. Friends, please stop smoking while you still young. Keep in touch!

9. Forget to celebrate an anniversary for Say happy 1 years old to this bloggie. I couldn't believe myself still maintaining this page since then. And the results, I have posted 126 entry from Dec 2007 to Dec 2008. This is unbelievable. I also not sure from where the hell all this freaking crap come from.

As a conclusion. Don't look back anymore, future awaiting us to grow up even more meaningful. Cheers! All the best to everyone. Happy New Year!

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