Thursday, October 1, 2009


Due to the fact my face become seriously covered by acne, I have no choice but to entrust my face to Dermalogica.

Why I call it
Donatelogica instead?

Since last I give up on the product, Clinique for Men, my face continually wounded by acne. Thus I get to know Dermalogica is a well known facial treatment product. Without a question, I took my first treatment at Sungai Wang Plaza, Joyce Beauty Center. It cost me about RM88 for the treatment. They having a first time user promotion which let the customer enjoy 50% discount. Well, after the treatment I purchase their Active Moist and Multi-active Toner which cost me another RM321. Each product have 5% discount. So my total for the first time is RM409. I'm not so satisfying with the result at Joyce. Later on I found out The Mines Shopping Center do have a Dermalogica Center and it's much more cheaper than Joyce! Dammit. From there, I purchase another MediBac Clearing Kit which cost me about RM169 with 5% discount.

From left to right: Clearing Skin Wash, Sebum Clearing Masque, Clearing Mattifier, Overnight Clearing Gel, Concealing Spot Treatment, Active Moist and Multi-Active Toner.

This is not the end, I've signed up their facial package as well. 2 month for 4 time treatment, 2 week once and get a free large Clearing Skin Wash and Multi-Active Toner which again cost me RM698! I vomit blood each time I clear my bill.
Now do you understand why I call it donatelogica? Donate in malay is call Derma. That's mean I derma my money logically. Yeah derma logically! Within 2 months I've donate almost thousand ringgit to Dermalogica. What a good naming they have. However, with the help of dermalogica my face is now free from acne. What left is only the scar.

THANKS A LOT! As a conclusion, I certified this product is perfectly suit my skin. :) Hence I'm willingly to support and vomit my blood to dermalogica. Just kidding~

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