Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shell Annual Dinner 2008 Coming Soon

Shell Annual Dinner 2008 is drawing near now which will be held on 28th of June, KLCC Convention Center. This should be our last dinner organize by Shell as we already outsource to EDS.

As you can see the dress code for this year is Influences of White. That's mean we need to waste money for the clothes again because I only have White Shirt. Well, what we have done is going to MidValley for a RUN and find some suitable Clothes for the event.

At the end we buy nothing but having a tea time on the delicious delight from ZEN.

Zen Raspberry Cheese Cake, I believe the taste is the same as Secret Recipy.

Zen Creme Brulee, this one nice but a bit sweet. Hope to share this appetizer with Kanojo..

and a Cup of Ice Coffee Latte.

Actually I still consider whether to join the dinner event. As you can see the lucky draw prize is very tempting. But still it depend on your luck whether the prize is really belong to you.
However, my decision always come at the last minutes. Haha

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