Friday, March 7, 2008

Brave Story: New Adventures

Publisher: SCEI
Developers: Game Republic
Platform: PSP
Mode: Single Player
Genre: RPG

This is my 1st RPG game completed in PSP platform. Hmmm, the story is nice and simple, plus the battle system is easy to get used to it. The story mostly like a fairy tales legend, in order to save the love one, you need to surpass your brave and courage to enter into the new World named Vision to make your destiny and wish come true.

Let me describe how the story begin.

The hero for this game, Tatsuya a young 11-year-old human boy from the real world with an intense love of playing video games on his PSP, he embarks on a quest to save Miki's life by journeying to the world of Vision as a Traveler. He is given a powerful blade called the Traveler's Sword by a mysterious elderly man named Lau. Despite being so young, he wields the sword quite well in battle and the sword's own strength grows as he locates the mysterious five gemstones. He need to collect all gemstones in order to meet with the Goddess but other than Tatsuya, there're still other Travelers exist in Vision which playing an evil characters to stop Tatsuya from gathering all the gemstones. Along the journey, he make a true friends in Vision as he find himself blossoming into a successful Travelers. Demonkin which is a demonic monsters that are from another world called The Dark sealed by the goddess into the mirror for the sake to protect the Vision. In order to get the last gemstones, Tatsuya need to fight against the Demon which the seal is broken by Rei (an evil heart Traveler).

Once Tatsuya gather all the gemstones, it suppose to be the good news. But Goddess did not make any move to grant Tatsuya wish as Tatsuya is not a Traveler sent by the Goddess. That's mean Tatsuya is a fake Traveler transfer to Vision by the evil, Onba! which is the final boss of this game. but Tatsuya and companion do not know about this. Because of that, Tatsuya and friends rush to the Tower of Goddess in order to meet Goddess for the answer. And here, Onba appear in Miki form to persuade Tatsuya to give her the Traveler's sword "Demon Bane". Play yourself to know the truth and ending! Haha.

Apart from the story itself, after clear the game and save clear data. You also can play a secret dungeon. In this dungeon, the monster is totally strong. Within the dungeon, you will get the strongest weapon for all the characters and you can meet with the super strong final boss, Metatron inside this dungeon. Well, before you meet with the boss, you need to pass through the guardian, Sheng which is also a very strong enermy. I use 1 1/2hour to defeat Sheng. OMG, too strong!!! Please be aware. Once you defeat Sheng, prepare for the most craziest battle in the game. You need at least minimum lvl 70-75. God Bless You. Some tips to share here: Defense yourself when you see Metatron use "Load SpellCannon" move. Or else... hehe, you will know when you fight Metatron.

I personally rated this game for 10/10 and is really a recommended game. It available in americas version too. So no worry for those who cant read japanese.


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