Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KL Tower - Wedding Dinner

Venue - KL Tower, Mega View Banquet
Date - 29th March 2008

Yeah, very obvious this is my 1st time visit to KL Tower and the reason, is to attend my boss wedding dinner. What surprise me is that I'm able to reach KL Tower without refering to map or friends. Too bad that my friends who follow behind my car get lost and she's only reach half hour lost in nowhere. Another crisis that we are facing is traffic jam! We start our journey at 5pm and reach KL Tower on 7.30pm! Ridiculous.

Well, upon arrive to the Mega View banquet, giving red pack is definately a tradision and search for our seat... Holy Shit! Guess who? OMG, I need to dine with all the bosses(my current boss and GirlFriend which is also a boss but not same department, my boss's boss and family, my boss's boss's boss, my boss's boss's boss's boss). Getting sweat when I first known about the arrangement. I thought we as a AppCompat team will have one or two reserve table. Haiz, let us ignore this problem.

Before the dinner serves, we spent some time to take some picture of KL night view and also the environment around especially the wedding decoration and display. Here's some photo that I took during the night.

As usual, we enjoy the dinner and later on we cheers with bride and groom with a happy never ending story. While the day is still young, we gather all the team member for a photo session.

Preparing to back home? Yeah, after the dinner and again, here's some photo that I took inside the lift and under the tower. Haha. That's all for the story. Lastly, I wish my boss will have a great moment and happily ever after.

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